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The backpack is one of the most practical and popular accessories for men. In many cases it is used to carry laptops, cameras, wallets, documents and many other things. Today, several brands offer different versions of good quality urban backpacks. Given this diversity, it is not always easy to make an ideal choice of bag. Fortunately, by taking into account some essential criteria, you may find it easier to identify the right backpack.

General information about men’s backpacks

The backpack is an increasingly trendy fashion accessory for men. This practical and utilitarian object at its core has become highly stylized over time, especially with the introduction of several neat designs on the market. Today, men use backpacks in the city for their various activities: walks, sports, work..

One of the advantages of the new models is that they combine elegance, authenticity and functionality: the ideal combination for carrying out daily activities. They are made of several noble and classic materials that give a nice and charming touch.

The various brands also compete in ingenuity to offer quality products with a very silky finish. You can easily store your files, computer, breakfast and other accessories in these newrelatively stylish backpacks. These become companions for many years that should be considered an investment in time.

The timeless appearance and the strength of the materials allow you to use your bags over a relatively long period of time. Moreover, depending on its colour, the men’s backpack can complement several styles (bohemian, vintage, city…) and enhance your outfits. It is a very versatile product and useful for different occasions.

Obviously, sometimes you will have to pay the price to have a good men’s backpack, but it is important to make the best choice possible.

Choosing the right backpack for men

When buying a good backpack, it is essential to consider all the important criteria. This allows you to get the best return on your investment so that you don’t regret your purchase.


As is the case with other routine accessories, the backpack must be comfortable to be carried more easily. To achieve this, it is important that the back of the bag is padded and the shoulder straps are well adjustable. If necessary, adjust the straps so that the back of the bag fits snugly against your back.

This is necessary to distribute the weight of the bag evenly over your shoulders and back. When you buy your bag in the shop, you can ask to fill it to assess its comfort in proportion to the weight.

The practicality of use

The practicality of a backpack can be seen in its internal and external storage. A special computer compartment is essential to prevent scratches and to reinforce the rigidity of the back of the bag. This should be complemented by other well-placed internal pockets that will allow the userto organise their belongingsno matter how many they are.

For someone who travels frequently, it’s best if their bag has external storage for glasses, water bottle and travel pass for example. When purchasing the item, don’t hesitate to check if it is easy to access the contents of the bag when standing.

The material of manufacture

A good backpack is usually made from a durable material such as canvas or leather and has strong seams. It also needs to be waterproof and more or less waterproof, if not rainproof.

Waterproof materials are effective in protecting your belongings from the rain, but may not look good for everyday use in the city. On the other hand, so-called rain-resistant backpacks help to slow down the passage of water. They are the most commonly used in urban environments and can be easily combined with other pieces of accessories.

The design

Bag with a stylish, sober or other look…, the design of the product is primarily a matter of taste. If you don’t have a preference, the easiest thing to do would be to opt for a bag with a minimalist design accompanied by a neutral colour.

Accessories with a Scandinavian tone and clean designs can also be chosen in this case. In general, brown, navy blue, khaki and black backpacks are all-purpose. They go with most jackets and coats.

Size and capacity

Backpacks are generally between 15 and 30 litres with an average of 20 litres. The right size depends mainly on your needs (the items you need to keep and their dimensions, the destination…). If you have to travel with your backpack, it is important to make sure that it can fit through the cabin and under a seat.

The responsible nature of the bag

For the sake of nature and everyone else, you should necessarily choose a backpack whose brand takes an ethical approach. This means that it uses environmentally friendly materials and takes care to improve the working conditions of its employers. It can also demonstrate its social character by supporting non-profit organisations or initiatives.

Some classic tips for finding a good men’s backpack

Buying a bag should be conditioned on good habits to avoid making certain mistakes. These could include an inconvenient opening system and details that do not make the bag easier to use. It could also be that the front pocket is not very spacious, as it is not very useful.

Another mistake to avoid is choosing a bag that does not have the capacity to hold all your belongings. Similarly, a poor quality zip should give you pause when choosing a bag. Take the trouble to test zips before you buy and make sure they are of good quality. Favour products made by reputable brands appreciated for their good value for money.

Wearing a men’s backpack

A men’s backpack is worn, as the name suggests, on the back so as to be as comfortable as possible. Be careful not to over tighten the straps or wear them for long periods of time to avoid back pain. It is also possible to carry your bag on one shoulder and alternate between them to avoid pain.

In order to wear your bag properly, it may also be important to adjust it at times. There are several ways to adjust a backpack to suit your needs. You can opt for a shoulder bag for added peace of mind. The adjustment is mainly done at the shoulder straps.

In short, the backpack is nowadays an essential accessory for men for daily activities in the city. It is an ideal and practical alternative to the small, dubious-looking satchel. By reference to certain essential criteria, it will be much easier for you to find the model that suits your tastes and styles among the wide range of products on the market.