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For more than a decade, Harry Potter has been an iconic figure for generations. This captivating, fantastic and magical universe has never ceased to captivate young and old alike. Today, children are still in love with the films, books or any other product derived from the film Harry Potter. Many ornaments are designed in the image of this multi-generational hero. School supplies are the most popular among children. So, before giving these Harry Potter supplies to children, it is important to know how to make suitable choices.

Harry Potter, magical bags for kids

Although Harry Potter is over 25 years old, it continues to be very popular. Originating from the pen of J.K Rowling and published in 1997, the saga has been nothing short of a huge success both on the pages and on the screen.

The hero with fearsome powers has enchanted and continues to enchant all generations. He is regarded by many children as an idol, a role model. What would please them more than Harry Potter backpacks?

Bags in the image of the great Harry Potter come in a variety of styles, whatever the budget. Whether it’s the leather, shoulder or flocked models, these bags are popular with young school children and students.

The different models of Harry Potter satchel

For schoolchildren and pupils, there is a wide range of choices of backpacks representative of the magical world of Harry Potter. Die-hard fans of the star saga will just have to help themselves to bags featuringtheir favourite hero.

The Harry Potter backpack: rolling model

It is well possible to become part of the Gryffindor house, by choosing the wheel backpack. This model is the ideal representation of this. It is made in the colours of Gryffindor House with a design that makes the bag look like it’s wearing glasses.

Equipped with wheels and shoulder straps, it would suit every child. This model is a high-end bag that combines comfort, convenience and harmony. It has a height of 45 cm with a width of 33 cm and a depth of 22 cm.

The backpack without wheels

This type of model is almost identical to the one with wheels. The striking difference is that it has neither wheels nor straps, but still relates to the Gryffindor house. It is a mixed bag that fits both girls and boys.

Featuring several pockets and compartments, it is possible to store supplies according to their weight. The backpack without wheels comes in two different sizes: those of 38 and 43 centimetres.

The 3D model: for kindergarten

Designed especially for young children, the 3D bags are made with multiple colours. This bag sort of tells the story of the three heroes Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione. It consists of a compartment and two pockets.

The Wizard garnet model

The Wizard garnet bag is one of the best products in the range of Harry Potter backpacks. It is suitable for both boys and girls with several compartments and pockets for storing supplies.

The bag incorporates two large compartments where it is possible to put binders, books or notebooks. It has two pockets to store pens and small accessories useful for children.

The stock of satchels and bags

Apart from the bags, the schoolbags and kits with Harry Potter design can certainly appeal to children. It features a design with the logo of Gryffindor House as its motifs. The satchel has a zipped main section to which a front pocket is added. As for the pencil case, it is quite classic and has only one part. With dimensions of 42 x 30 x 1 cm, the schoolbag is easy to carry.

The cartables can hold binders, A4 documents while the pencil cases will be able to keep small tools such as pencil, eraser, coloured pens and others. These models are made withhighly resistant materials,which gives them a long period of use.

The importance of Harry Potter bags

Having bag designs with the image of the wizard Harry Potter allows you to be creative first and foremost and to stand out from the crowd. These bags are important for three reasons:

– Ability to store multiple supplies;

– Ability to use it for other purposes;

– Protection of your delicate items.

This saga has inspired many people and was for many the foundation of their childhood. Harry Potter remains in their hearts and has been happily adopted by today’s children. Having bags that depict this famous wizard allows these children to assert their personality.

The universe of Harry Potter makes little rascals travel and dream, it brings them a little bit of happiness, wonder and magic in a world full of adventures. Through these bags, these children are filled with joy and cheerfulness.

Tips for making a good choice of Harry Potter bag

To choose well, a bag model for children, there are a number of parameters to consider.

Make a choice based on the child’s class

Each bag model is adopted to each class. It is therefore advisable to ensure that you choose a model that matches the child’s class. Indeed, the more advanced the class, the more diverse the materials used.

Prefer bags with an adjustable shoulder strap

It is advisable to choose bags that have excellent durability. This avoids having to change bags every year. For this, remember that children grow up, so bags with adjustable straps are ideal for long-term use.

Opt for material strength

As the bag will be used regularly, there is a good chance that it will wear out over time. In order to avoid the bags tearing after a short use, you should prefer super strong models. Just check the quality of the materials, the stitching, furthermore make sure that the straps are strong.

Also, you should also consider the thickness of the fabric at the bottom of the bag. Your choice may be rubber or lining fabrics, or leather.

Make sure the bag is ergonomic

For practical everyday use, choose bags that are ergonomic. In fact, have a preference for bag models that do not extend beyond the wearer’s back. It is also desirable to choose bags that have more compartments and pockets.