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Are you lucky enough to have one or more children? Still at a young age, they are inspired by certain animated characters. In this case, don’t hesitate to offer them a stuffed backpack for their back to school. In addition to being practical, it allows you to cultivate the various passions that drive them. Not to mention that it will allow them to assert their personality.

The most attractive thing about the plush backpack is that it comes in various forms: frog plush backpack, animal plush backpack, Hello Kitty plush backpack, teddy bear child backpack, Mickey plush backpack, Chi the cat plush backpack, Pikachu plush backpack, Stitch plush backpack… Thanks to this diversity, you will not fail to find the plush backpack that will make your little one happy.

How to choose a plush backpack

Choosing the best plush backpack is not always an easy task. In some cases, the variety of models available to you can be a source of indecision and even confusion at your level. In order to be sure of getting a good deal, it is up to you to take into account certain elements:


Everyone agrees that an accessory is only useful when it satisfies a need. Before buying a plush backpack for your child, you should first identify your child’s needs. To do this, you can start by referring to the child’s level of education (nursery, primary, secondary, high school). Depending on this, you will be much better informed about the type of plush backpack that is suitable for your child.

You can also simply ask the principal for advice. It must be said that at a certain age, your child may prefer one type of plush backpack more than another. Therefore, you will have a better chance of not making a mistake if you ask your child’s opinion. Of course, this alternative is not really feasible for children who are still in nursery school.

The dimensions

Depending on your little one’s morphology, the plush backpack must have certain dimensions. If these are not respected, certain tensions could appear in your child’s muscles. Over time, your child will start to complain of pain in the shoulders, back or neck. In the worst case scenario, he or she will become accustomed to poor posture on a daily basis.

So to avoid these negative consequences, the plush backpack you choose should stop at the height of your child’s torso. Under no circumstances should it be higher than the child’s shoulders. To avoid putting pressure on your child’s bottom, it is best to choose a plush backpack that stops at hip level. Finally, opt for a plush backpack with sides that don’t exceed the width of your child’s back.

The straps

The purpose of a plush backpack is to ensure good distribution of the load that your child carries on a daily basis. For this reason, the plush backpack usually has at least two shoulder straps. Ideally, these should be of a certain width to optimise their function. For this purpose, the required width is at least 2 inches. Among other things, you should opt for a plush backpack that has straps that are about 5 centimetres wide.

Especially keep in mind that the wider the width of the shoulder straps, the better the weight carried is distributed over the shoulders. Apart from their high widths, the shoulder straps of a good plush backpack should be adjustable. With this adjustment system, they will have a better ability to adapt to your child’s body. To top it all off, they should be well padded. This way, your little one’s comfort will be greatly optimised.


Although they are not mandatory, straps can be very useful to perfect the comfort offered by a plush backpack. On a daily basis, straps ensure that the bag is held as close to the body as possible. By doing so, they greatly reduce the occurrence of shoulder, neck and back pain. Most of the time, they are installed in the chest and/or stomach area.

This configuration allows them to redistribute the load to other parts of the body (apart from the spine and shoulders). The belly strap is even more useful, as its function goes beyond weight distribution. It prevents the backpack from swinging from left to right. At the same time, it reduces the jolts that your child’s back suffers on a daily basis.

The material

The material used to make the plush backpack is a data that will determine its durability. Thus, when purchasing, we advise you to prefer natural materials. Compared to synthetic materials, they are more durable. They also have a good resistance to washing and lose their colours less quickly. Not to mention that they are much more environmentally friendly.

For this reason, the best plush backpacks are usually made of cotton or wool. Cotton is of plant origin and is particularly appreciated for its softness. In addition to retaining colours well, it easily withstands the heat emitted by washing machines. As for wool, it is solid and easy to wash. Thanks to its insulating capacity, it does not retain heat. Although its texture is less soft than cotton, it is still a noble material.


In adulthood as well as in childhood, style is an important consideration. In order to choose thebest plush backpack, you must therefore take into account the aesthetic rendering of the chosen model. With this in mind, you can refer to the gender of your child to identify the right colours. With boys, it is good to opt for cool and sober colours such as: green, blue, white, brown or black.

Girls, on the other hand, require more creativity. They like, for the most part, warm and sparkling colours like: pink, red, purple, orange… For an even more personalised design, you can opt for a plush backpack that represents one of your child’s favourite characters. By following these guidelines, there is no doubt that your child will be totally won over by the plush backpack you choose.