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People who are used to travelling a lot know the importance of always carrying with them the things they need for their stay. Often, these items are surprisingly large and numerous. As a result, you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed when on travel, you do not have adequate equipment to contain and transport them. This is when the importance of the travel backpack becomes apparent.

The travel backpack is, in fact, an accessory that will greatly facilitate your task during all your trips. And because of its versatility and the wide variety of models, you are sure to find the travel backpack that best suits your needs.

From hiking backpacks to military travel backpacks, everything you need to know about the travel backpack.

The travel backpack is according to the type of traveller you are

Equipment designed to accompany travellers on their various trips, the travel backpack is adapted, above all, to the type of traveller you are. It is therefore important to know your style in order to identify how you can use your travel backpack. In general, there are three main categories of travellers, you will certainly find yourself in one of them.

The minimalist traveller

The minimalist traveller is that traveller who hates long queues. He often travels light and takes onlythe bare essentialsin order to visit cities fully. Likewise, they can live with the minimum of comfort. Youth hostels are more than sufficient.

You will have understood, for this type of traveller, the objective is the least amount of clutter possible. Consequently, he will prefer the backpack with shoulder strap offering up to 20 L of compartments and a multitude of pockets to properly compartmentalise the essential stuff.

The Great Rest Traveller

Students on a gap year or simply people looking for new sensations for a very long time travel the world for new experiences. Once this break is complete, they return to the routine of their daily lives.

Because of the unknown they are embarking on, they need not only the essentials, but also a survival kit and first aid kit. All this, without forgetting some of their familiar belongings. Thus, it is more appropriate for them to prefer a hold luggage as there are many more things to carry.

For this type of traveller, the military travel backpack or large capacity backpack is the most suitable.


Finally, some travellers are true enthusiasts of mountains, jungles and even vast arid deserts. The preferred mode of travel is hitchhiking, and the route is always off the beaten track, with the beautiful stars as the preferred lodging. This type of adventurer must carry with him the equipment for survival in the wilderness.

Here, the model of travel backpack to choose still depends on the preferences of the adventurer or the destination envisaged. Indeed, “travelling light” for this type of traveller still requires a lot of equipment and accessories. For these, travel backpack models with a capacity of 40 L are required. The hiking backpack or camping backpack is particularly suitable for this type of odyssey.

On the other hand, when during the expeditions, the adventurous traveller plans to take photos or even camp under the stars, the luggage will be much more substantial. Thus, the large capacity backpack will be the most suitable for this kind of traveller.

How to choose your travel backpack?

In order to choose your travel backpack according to the type of traveler you are, it is important to take into account different criteria.


Many people experience much more pleasure from travelling light as it requires less effort to carry belongings. So, when choosing your travel backpack, take care to consider its empty weight. This way, it will not be difficult for you to carry all your belongings to your various destinations.

The capacity

Backpacks are, in general, categorized according to their capacity expressed in litres. A small travel backpack that you can carry around with you, containing the bare essentials, has a capacity of between 15 and 25 litres. Hiking backpacks, on the other hand, are ideal for trips lasting a few months in minimalist mode. They have a capacity of 25 to 40 litres.

Finally, big adventurers and hikers who need to carry heavy equipment will also find satisfaction. They will, in fact, be able to opt fortravel backpacks with large capacitiesranging from 40 to 65 litres, sometimes even more.

The type of opening

A vast majority of travel backpacks open at the top. This is not a practical enough type of opening, as it does not allow you to easily search for items located at the bottom of the bag. Indeed, to get things placed completely at the bottom, you will have to take out everything above. This then takes time to rearrange the clothes, equipment and accessories inside the bag. Fortunately, you can find travel backpacks that open, like suitcases, on the front. These travel backpack models are relatively more convenient and make it easier to find your way around when you would like to remove items that are inside.

The type of straps

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the shoulders that balance the weight of your travel backpack against your entire body. Instead, it’s the strap at the waist that provides this perfect support. It also prevents the entire weight of the bag from being concentrated on your shoulders, which can become a problem when you wear it for a long time.

Travel backpacks with padded straps distribute the weight of the bag more evenly over your back. In doing so, they are much more comfortable models.

The interior layout

The interior layout of the travel backpack is a matter of individual preference. Indeed, some prefer models with a large number of pockets and compartments, allowing different categories of equipment and clothing to be stored in an orderly fashion. Others, on the other hand, opt for a tote bag that is easy to fill in order to save time.

Weather resistance

It is very important, especially when travelling, to keep your belongings dry and safe from the vagaries of the weather. As a result, your travel backpack needs to be perfectly waterproof. The waterproofing of travel backpacks is ensured depending on the materials used.

In fact, some travel backpack models come with an integrated rain cover. It provides complete coverage for the entire bag and its contents. Other models, however, are designed with a water-resistant textile. These models have more pronounced waterproofing for the inner pockets and compartments compared to the outer ones.