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The Dora the Explorer backpacks accompany your little ones to school and everyday life. Better than classic backpacks, they are perfectly suited to their universe of discovery and play. Made from quality materials that combine sturdiness and design, each bag allows the child to combine utility and fun for excellent school results. They offer features and functionality that match your child’s age and needs in relation to the supplies and stuff they need to carry on a daily basis.

Dora the Explorer: concentrated learning and play

A child’s backpack should be perfectly tailored to their needs. More than a means of transporting equipment, it is above all his companion and ally for every day. In order to move his books, notebooks, pens and others more easily, he needs an accessory that best matches his personality.

Dora is a character from an animated series that appeals to both boys and girls. She is characterized mainly by her explorer side that goes out to discover her framework of life. This fits perfectly with the personality of the child who starts school or attends his first classes.

Dora is almost always accompanied by her friends Babouche and Diego with whom she learns shapes, colours and numbers. By learning songs and games with their favourite character, the children revisit all their school lessons with some English thrown in.

Dora the Explorer backpacks

Made with a Dora the Explorer theme, these backpacks feature several designs related to the animated series. Practical and comfortable, they accompany the little one to school every day. They areeasy to care for and wearand are passionately made from strong, sturdy materials.

The designs and colours available suit the pupil, whether it’s a girl or a boy. They allow children to affirm their taste and passion for exploration, discovery and learning. A quality collection that grows with the child is available to parents.The size and dimensions of the bagsare perfectly adapted to the morphology of kindergarten and primary school children. Ergonomic and lightweight, they have several pockets that are used to neatly store their belongings. The main manufacturing material being polyester, the bag is suitable for all circumstances.

Dora and Babouche backpack

This school bag measures 33 x 24 x 14.5 cm and features an image of Dora and her companion Babouche. It can be carried by a boy or a girl. A large central pocket holds the main items. Two other zipped side pockets make it easy to store more school supplies.

Accompanied by his two main favourite characters, the child combines play and work for better development. He adapts better to his surroundings and environment as if he kept with him a reassuring and familiar comforter reminding him of the safety of home.

Dora backpack at the princesses

This backpack design (33 x 24 x 14.5 cm) is most suitable for girls who love enchanted tales with stories of fairies and princesses. An environment of unicorns and magic calling for curiosity and dreaming is represented with Dora and Babouche dressed for the occasion.

The beautiful bag has straps for easy backpacking, but can also be carried by hand without much effort. Enchant your little girl’s world by giving her this colourful, yet durable bag to accompany her all year round. Not very bulky, it is just as discreet.

Dora backpack on the way to school

This bag is indicated to become the best friend of the little child who is introduced to the daily life and routine of school. The theme, patterns and colours are ideally selected to encourage a girl or boy in their early years. Babouche and Dora are mainly represented.

On their way to a mission, these two heroes motivate your child to surpass himself and face his daily challenges. The 33 x 24 x 14.5 cm bag is designed for children who are apprehensive about their beginnings and find it difficult to separate from their parents. It represents the best encouragement they can get to overcome their fears.

Dora Backpack Party

For children with a happy disposition and who love a festive atmosphere, embrace this bag with cheerful designs. It shows Dora and Babouche celebrating the success of one of their missions. This playful and cheerful atmosphere is suitable for quiet and slightly sad children.

This 33 x 24 x 14.5 cm bag is the best way to change the overly serious nature of school, which bores fun, energetic children. A cleverly orchestrated party spirit will awaken your little treasure and make school more interesting for them. He’ll especially love keeping his personal belongings neatly stored in it.

Dora, Diego and Babouche backpack

Little rascals who love their TV series Dora the Explorer will undoubtedly have a fondness for this bag. It features the main characters from the series. Your child will love going to school with his favourite friends with whom he learns so much. They will be able to understand and apply the values of friendship with their classmates.

Perfect for teaching how to build friendships and lasting relationships, the backpacks feature attractive and warm colours. Linking the practical with the fun is the best way to thrive in the classroom. This bag measures 33 x 24 x 14.5 cm and is perfect for learning about relationships.

Dora the Explorer Backpack

For children who are fans of Dora the Explorer, this bag is ideal. Indeed, it is the same model used by their favourite heroine. It measures 25 x 24 x 12 cm and would be suitable for a girl or a boy thanks to its totally neutral design and colours. With this bag, your children will play exactly like Dora.

The bag has a friendly, smiling face and big, learning eyes. A card accompanies the child as it does Dora. Develop your child’s exploratory spirit with a specially soft bag that can suit young treasures.

Why adopt a Dora the Explorer backpack

Preferring Dora the Explorer backpacks is to develop curiosity and a sense of discovery in very young children, but also a love of animals. These accessories are robust and suitable for dismayed users. Parents in France, Belgium and Switzerland can benefit from a customized delivery with follow-up.

Customer service is available every day of the week and offers a 14-day money back guarantee. All the bags in the collection can be used to carry your belongings, toys, clothes, lunch boxes, etc. This way, children can enjoy the company of their favourite characters, making school a fun time and not a chore.

Where to order a Dora the Explorer backpack

You can find Dora the Explorer backpacks online and on order. All parents can get them from My BackpackTM. For a birthday or back to school, this is the best gift idea to give to your child who enjoys the character of Dora and her friends. The items on offer offer offer excellent value for money and the service remains first class.