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Going to school should be a daily source of pleasure. Nevertheless, the little ones will have a little difficulty in detaching themselves from the family cocoon. To help them, there are a number of tricks that can be used. The introduction of kindergarten and primary school children to the classroom can be made more enjoyable by purchasing useful and fun school supplies. Pat’patrol backpacks are a great gift idea for parents to find in this regard.

Patrol: an entertaining animated series

Equally loved by toddlers and teenagers, the animation allows people to learn more about relationships and helping each other. The main hero of the adventures leads a patrol made up of puppies each specialising in their own field. Rescue at sea, in the air, in the mountains, etc. are the daily life of these stars.

While watching their favourite series, children also learn about recycling, construction and teamwork… All this takes place in an atmosphere of laughter and gaiety, to the delight of your little ones. The Pat’patrol backpacks are specially made to bring them back to this joy and allow them to take their good mood everywhere when needed.

Patrol backpacks

They are made from quality, soft and sturdy materials to accompany children throughout the school year and beyond. Whether they are smaller or bigger; there are several sizes of bags to suit their delicate backs. The shoulder straps and straps are designed especially for them.

Several storage spaces especially adapted to school supplies allow for an optimal distribution of items. Books, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, markers… each have their own place. Depending on the model and the intended functionality, there are several designs to choose from.

Various colours and patterns are available so that each child can choose their favourite hero. Some models stand out from the crowd to offer more customisation. All tastes and desires are available online for immediate order.

Different formats for different sizes

In order to start kindergarten or continue primary school, it is important to have a good sized bag. It will serve to properly store school supplies, clothes or toys. You don’t need to change accessories to go on a hike or to a relative’s house.

Patrol Team Backpack

To better identify with their adventure heroes, children can choose backpacks with designs of the entire Pat’patrol team. All the main puppies are featured, much to your little one’s pride and joy. His imaginary friends and companions can accompany him on a daily basis to help him achieve great school feats.

Whether it’s just the puppies or all of the characters, there are many designs to choose from. Designs and styles vary according to the age of the little treasure and its storage needs. They are sturdy and durable, able to keep all the stuff for long distances.

Patrol Character Backpack

If the little treasure prefers a particular character from the Pat’patrol team, they have the option to choose. In this collection, there are models for boys and girls, distinguished by the dominant colour. Fortunately, the characters are suitable for both sexes. Blue, pink, yellow or red, each hero is represented.

Whether in the form of a plush toy or more rigid, there are several types to make your children cute and adorable. There’s something for everyone, for an enthusiastic start to school. The colours will keep the child motivated and full of endurance. He will never get tired of running to his backpack before happily heading off to school.

Patrol striped backpacks

Older kids will choose muted patterns and more mature colours. A striped design is ideal shows a mature child. The designs can represent the whole team or specific characters. It is up to the child to choose their style and how they celebrate their heroes.

The bag is designed to hold a lot of stuff. The large size of the bag is designed to keep things from being crammed inside. Be careful not to let your child overload the bag, as the weight may cause some difficulty in walking. In the long run, his posture may be affected.

Patrol 3D Pattern Backpack

For kids who love relief and contours, embrace 3D patterned bags. Like a cuddly toy built into the bag, the child will feel reassured and calm to have a familiar figure near them. This type of bag has a shape specially adapted to the little ones for easy storage.

The space reserved is sufficient to take the essentials to class without overloading the shoulders. It allows the child to gradually get used to the weight of the bag by reducing discomfort and congestion. Its compact appearance is ideal for the child to quickly recognise and care for their bag.

Patrol Shiny Backpack

These are for girls and boys who like to show off. It’s the best way to get noticed during recess and get everyone’s attention. A nice backpack is a great way to forget about the stress of school and tostay in a good mood. It’s also the way to love classes and always be ready to go.

Easy to care for, in blue and pink colours, these bags don’t lose their shine easily. They measure 25.5 x 10 x 31 cm and can also be carried by hand. The bags are particularly light, so children don’t feel their presence too much when they are full. The straps and shoulder straps are adjustable to fit the child’s body shape.

Themed Patrol Backpack

Several themes are covered in the world of Pat’patrol heroes. On the rescue, the snow or even the world of pirates, the heroes can do it all. Your child can choose his favourite environment with his patrol team. While he learns, he has fun to help him remember his lessons.

Combining the useful with the enjoyable helps to avoid stress and losing interest in routine and repetitive actions. A quick glance at the bag can put a smile on a child’s face during his first classes. It helps him or her to gradually move away from playing and learn work and discipline.

A timeless gift idea

To motivate a child who loves the Patrol series, there’s nothing like a backpack featuring their favourite characters. Back to school is a good opportunity to getthe gift of their dreams. Strong and perfectly durable, it’s suitable for any type of calm or even rambunctious child.

Find the right bag for your children’s needs from a wide range of choices. Your little treasure will certainly be spoilt for choice when browsing this well-stocked collection. Help them choose by focusing on the features they need to carry their stuff.

All the items on offer suggest excellent value for money. The selected materials are comfortable and durable. You can trust a brand that is focused on customer satisfaction and availability. It usually has a responsive customer support team that responds very well to your every need. Order one of the backpacks offered to see for yourself.