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A must-have for the summer, this kind of bag is not only for the seaside, but also for all your travels. With a mini waterproof bag or a large pocket, for example, you can always take your belongings with you anywhere, even in extreme conditions. For girls, a shoulder bag made of woven or plaited straw is the perfect accessory for holidays. Know that in our online shop, you can also discover a plage backpack designed for children. With this bag, the little ones will be able to take their favourite toys with them. This way, all members of the family can find a suitable bag for the holidays.

Considering that the dos bag plage is available in different sizes, manufacturing materials and looks, it is important to choose it well. In order to find the perfect one, you can make a list of the items you need to take to the plage. Nevertheless, you should not neglect its design. For men, it is best to opt for a foldable backpack made of mesh, linen, plastic or PVC. On the other hand, women can adopt a straw plage bag, a tote bag or a bohemian basket. If you are looking for a plos bagage, feel free to visit our product catalogue.

The dos bagos plage, what exactly is it?

As the name suggests, the Beach Backpacks is a bag especially dedicated to going to the seaside or the pool. Generally, it is used to carry your summer accessories, including anti-ultraviolet products, sunglasses, towels, swimwear, etc. Unlike the classic bags, they are made of special materials. These can be PVC, nylon, linen, mesh and other high-strength materials. As it is a bag used during the warm weather, it has a compact structure. Therefore, you will not sweat when you wear it.

Whether it is mini bag, plage basket or shoulder bag, the plage bag has great strength. Moreover, this feature also allows it to support the weight of your belongings thanks to strong closures. It is therefore advisable to buy this kind of bag for holidays, travels, hikes, etc. On some models, you can find pockets that are used to store small items such as sun creams, phones, cameras, jewellery, or headphones. In our online shop, you will find all kinds of beach backpacks for men, women and children.

Beach backpacks available on our site

Specialist in backpacks, is a shop that offers you a wide range of plage bags. If you want to have a bag capable of carrying all your holiday accessories, the best thing to do is to visit our webpage. Mini water sport bags, linen tote bags, straw shoulder bags, bohemian plage baskets or children’s PVC and plastic bags, many are the models you can see in our product catalogue.

Women’s beach backpack

Given that women place great importance on looks, they have a variety of plage bags to choose from. For those who want a stylish yet practical bag, they can opt for the round straw plage bag. Being able to match any casual outfit, this model has a large storage capacity. So you’re not going to have any trouble taking your clothes or sun protection products to the plage. If you wanta more colourful bag, the ideal choice is to opt for the tote bag made of nylon. The latter offers several inner compartments to keep your things well organised. In case you are looking for a plage bag with a timeless style, you can distinguish the plage bohemian basket.

Men’s backpack

When it comes to men’s beach bags, there are many choices. A versatile model, the waterproof mini water sport bag is a bag dedicated to outdoor trips such as seaside walks, mountain hikes, boat cruises, rafting, etc. Thanks to its 2L capacity, you can put all your holiday accessories in it. To store your swimwear and towels, there is also the waterproof camouflage shoulder bag. This one is made of PVC and has the particularity of being both light and waterproof.Available in different sizes, the plage folding backpack is a model capable of holding all your important stuff.

Children’s Backpack

In order for your children to take their toys on holiday, it is advisable to buy a dos plage bag for children. Waterproof and durable, this type of bag can have a maximum capacity of 2L. In case you are looking for a larger model, you can choose the plage mesh bag. Not very bulky and not taking up much space, this bag is the ideal equipment for your walks in the plage or at the water’s edge. Since it is not afraid of sand or water, you can safely put all your belongings in it. From now on, do not hesitate to browse our website if you are looking for a bag for your holidays.

How to choose your plage bag?

Before acquiring a plage bag, there are still many criteria you need to consider. Indeed, there is more to choosing this kind of container than just its look and capacity. Because of this, here are a few things to check when you are going to choose the ideal plos bagage.

His size

The first thing to consider is probably the size of the bag. If you have a large family, for example, it is better to opt for a bag with a large capacity. In order to know the right size, it is necessary to know all the products and accessories you are going to put in it. Of course, if you are just going to take sunglasses or sunscreen, you only need to buy a plage shoulder bag. In case you need to take a change of clothes, swimwear as well as several towels, it is recommended to go for large beach backpacks, including the foldable dos plage, bohemian basket or plage tote bags.

His look

In addition to its capacity, the plage backpack must also look good. Even though this criterion is less important, it is still something that some people, especially women, should not overlook. If you want to have a nice bag at the plage, you can choose the models made of straw or nylon. Depending on your taste, you can opt for bags with floral, multi-coloured or Aztec designs. For children, there are also bags with superheroes or other cartoon characters.

How it is made

When it comes to the manufacturing material, it will determine the strength of the bag. Basically, beach backpacks are designed with tear-resistant and waterproof materials. This way, your belongings won’t get damaged on the sand or in wet places. To be precise, bags made of PVC, nylon and linen are the models you should prioritise.

Why use a d bagos plage?

The d bagos plage is used for many reasons. Firstly, it is used to store the accessories you are going to take to the plage or to the poolside. Knowing that it is designed with waterproof materials, it can collect your swimwear and towels. Versatile, this type of bag can also accompany you when you go shopping on holiday. On the design side, they have the distinction of matching your plage outfits, namely mini dresses, tunics, shorts, etc. For men and children, there are models that take the form of a sports bag or folding bag.

A must-have for holidays, the dos plage bag is also used to carry food or electronics. If your family wants to eat by the plage, for example, you can easily take food in a bohemian plage basket. For young people who want to enjoy music during a walk or excursion, simply put the speaker and smartphone inside a plage bag. To make sure your holiday goes perfectly, don’t forget to buy a plage bag from our online shop.

To carry and keep your personal belongings at the plage, it is essential to have a beach backpack. Usually designed with ripstop materials, durable and waterproof cords as well as insulated, this type of bag not only accompanies you to the shore during your holiday, but also when hiking in the mountains. If you are going to carry small items such as sun cream, sunglasses or towels, you can choose a waterproof mini bag or a straw strap. In case you need to carry a good number of items to the plage, it is essential to go for the large dos bags. In order to locate the plage bag that meets your needs, we invite you to discover our various articles on our site.