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Adopting a pet requires the purchase of a cage to make it feel comfortable. Sometimes you have to take your pet out, either to the vet, for a walk or for travel… For these circumstances, a carrier is not always the best accessory. Also, it is tiring to carry the animal in your arms all the way. In addition to exhaustion, you will make your pet uncomfortable. In many ways, a pet backpack seems more suitable for these situations. In order to get this accessory, there are criteria to consider.

Pet backpack: definition

This backpack is a practical piece of equipment that is used to carry a small to medium-sized animal for a short or long distance. It is usually used for the purpose of walking. However, the use of a carrier bag is required to pass certain gates and to access certain areas. It is also a functional way for the owner to carry their pet without getting tired and without using their arms.

Importance of a pet backpack

As opposed to a carrier, the backpack can only accommodate small pets. Often it is used for transporting dogs that weigh less than 10kg. There are models capable of carrying heavier weights, but the impact on the back of the carrier and the distance to be covered should not be forgotten.

Therefore, it is usually recommended to carry puppies in a backpack. These animals are still growing and walk slowly. This also applies to senior dogs, who no longer have good mobility skills. They could slow you down during outings, hence the possibility of carrying them on your back. This carrying bag also represents a comfort ally for sick dogs.

When you want to go on a hike with your dog even though your dog is not very athletic, a dog backpack is ideal. You can start the walk separately until your companion feels his first signs of fatigue. Then you can carry him on your back and continue the adventure at the same pace.

Aanimal backpack also frees up your armsso you’ll feel little fatigue. However, being carried on your back, the animal is not facing its owner. His facial expressions are lost and he cannot fully communicate with him.

In fact, there are several categories of bags for transporting animals: wheeled, shoulder or belly models. Of all of them, the backpack offers the possibility to practice activities with a pet. This can be cycling, hiking, etc.

On the other hand, there are places that are not allowed access to pets. The backpack can open the doors to these places as long as your pet stays quiet. For air travel, for example, airlines tend to accept a pet when carried in a bag.

Price of a pet backpack

The price of an animal backpack is an important criterion. There are a range of pet bags on the market. One differs from the other through the material of manufacture, the built-in openings, the sturdiness of the straps and attachments and the brand.

For a smart purchase, consider your pet’s age, height and weight, your carrying capacity and how you will use it. The price of a pet backpack ranges from 20 to 100 euros. You can find these bags in online shops and in shops.

By going directly to a pet shop, it is possible to touch the material and appreciate it sufficiently before purchasing.

The types of animal backpacks

Broadly speaking, it is possible to classify pet backpacks into two types: soft and hard models. The first type is rather classic. Like travel bags, it does not have a solid construction, rather mesh panels. It is a completely covered bag. The animal rests inside the bag with no part of its body in the open air.

The rigid model seems more suitable for hiking. In view of the long distance to be covered, it has a top opening to avoid heat and to let the animal put its head out of the bag.

There are strong nets on the side to frame the animal. There are portable bags with wheels. These give you the opportunity to take some of the weight off your pet. It should be noted that for your pet’s comfort and your ease of carrying, no additional weight should be placed in the bag.

That said, your comfort and the pet’s comfort are two imperatives when choosing the backpack. For the pet, you need to ask yourself what position in the bag is best for him for the journey. Is he comfortable standing or sitting? Some bags offer openings to slip his paws out of the bag.

The airflow is also important for the pet’s comfort. The threat of overheating can be avoided by opting for a bag model with multiple net panels. High quality bags take this into account. Here is a list of some bags that might interest you:

  • Breathable cat backpack: in addition to the ventilation pores, this model is transparent on the lateral sides. This allows the pet not to feel confined. He can see the world around him. You can go to the supermarket or a park with your companion if you choose this bag size L (35 x 30 x 40 cm).
  • Transport backpack for small cats and dogs: this model comes in two versions: a size S (30 x 34 x 16 cm) and a size M (36 x 45 x 21 cm). With this accessory, you can take your companion wherever you go.
  • Adjustable kangaroo backpack for dogs: it seduces with its shape and simplicity. If you choose this bag, your dog will be able to move his four legs freely. There is an opening for each leg. This carrier can carry loads from 2.5 to 9 kg. Sizes S, M, L and XL are available.

For your comfort, you should also think about your back and shoulders. It is important that you take the necessary steps to avoid any injuries. To do this, you need to adjust the straps of the bag well. The role of these is to secure the backpack. It is ideal that a pet carrier has padded straps so that the pressure on the shoulders is perfectly distributed.

The pet backpack

Whichever bag you choose, the ventilation grids must be there. After the detail of ventilation, you should choose a bag whose material of manufacture does not irritate the skin of your pet. Sometimes your pet is attracted by an external object and is tempted to jump out of the bag. There are straps inside the bag to secure the animal and avoid the risk of an accident.

In addition, the backpack can be rolled into a ball and unfolded only when needed. This option is very useful for people who like to hike with their pet. You make room in your hiker’s pack and only take the backpack out when necessary, perhaps when your pet is injured. The animal backpack is therefore a tool to be chosen with care. For long-lasting use, it should be maintained regularly.