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Practical and pleasant to use, backpacks are indispensable accessories for everyday life. They free up your hands and allow you to carry your belongings on your back without too much trouble. Essential for school, they have become the best friends of students of all ages. For girls and boys, discover the Fortnite backpacks, featuring the hottest game of the day.

Fortnite bag and online game

Fortnite is available as a free-to-play version and on multiple gaming platforms. This specificity has particularly contributed to its meteoric rise. It is playable online, in cooperative games, with several difficulty levels. Players have the possibility to form teams in order to better progress, knowing of course that only one survivor will remain.

The premise is simple: survive both an impending catastrophe, a horde of watches and other players. This action game is enjoyed by many online, including children who enjoy the adventure and challenge of combat. Fortnite backpacks allow you to express your passion by combining utility with pleasure. Robust and of good quality, they are available in several versions.

Fortnite backpacks: design and quality

The world of the video game Fortnite has inspired unique backpack colours and designs. Bright colours and realistic designs help to accompany the passion of the players. The backpacks are comfortable and serve to store all the supplies needed every day. Quality and functionality are the criteria used in the choice of materials and designs.

They are available in one or more pieces to meet the most demanding storage needs. Suitable compartments and zippers facilitate the correct arrangement of books, notebooks, pens, markers, rulers, erasers, etc. Depending on the age and needs of their class, a collection of Fortnite backpacks is available for children to ensure more choice.

Fortnite glow-in-the-dark sports backpack

This 42 x 35 cm bag is suitable for going to the gym. Made from a soft material suitable for physical exertion, the backpack can carry all types of belongings. Its glow character is made expressly for childrenwho like to stand outand be noticed by their peers. It comes in three colours to vary preferences.

Fortnite 3-piece backpack

It is effective in saving time and storage space. This bag has three pieces of different sizes ideal for putting things in according to their dimensions. This means that the child can organise their belongings to their liking, making it easier for them to find them.

The large version measures 40 x 13 x 30 cm. It can hold anything bulky. For smaller items, the medium size (24 x 5 x 16 cm) may be suitable. If not, they will certainly fit into the very small version with dimensions 22 x 4.5 x 11 cm.

Fortnite waterproof backpack with USB plug

When your little one grows up and is looking for more distinction, give them this cute Fortnite backpack. It’s especially waterproof to protect his sensitive stuff from splashes or rain. The bag has a USB socket specially adapted to hold a phone or other device (USB console).

There is no need to worry anymore and good times can be had on long journeys. The child can be entertained on a journey without losing independence. It measures 47 x 15 x 30 cm for maximum space with very comfortable shoulder straps. The bag is also very practical for keeping all the school stuff.

Fortnite Moments Backpack

Available in two colours, this bag is perfect for adopting a classy look among your classmates. The fans of the game will find its designs very stylish to go with any outfit. Everything needed can be neatly stored in the compartments provided.

Comfortable and in a soft material, it will not tire his shoulders. The colours correspond to both a masculine and feminine character.

Fortnite Highlights Backpack

There are eight colours to choose from for the child on this backpack model. For an understated yet striking gamer look, it’s simply perfect. The accessory measures 45 x 18 x 31 cm with a pocket on its front. The bag has a grip handle on the top for lifting. Practical at any age, it can accompany the child for several years.

Fortnite Galaxy Backpack

The Galaxy model is particularly popular with children who love space and stars. This fun feeling accompanies them on a daily basis and allows older kids to stand out. To show maturity, the child will adopt a practical bag, but with a powerful message. Conquering space and mastering known worlds is what the game Fortnite is all about.

Fortnite 3-piece black and purple backpack

Colourful and trendy, the black and purple 3-piece bag features a dark Fortnite monster design. Young gamers will appreciate this classy and simple bag. Available in three pieces, it’s especially perfect for providingmaximum storage space. Suitable for any size of child’s belongings, the pieces measure 11 x 7 x 24 cm, 24 x 6 x 16 cm and 40 x 13 x 20 cm respectively from smallest to largest.

Fortnite Hero Backpack

If the child prefers to be on the side of the heroes, this design is very suitable for the occasion. The winner’s skin is a favourite for kids who like to win, team leaders. It measures 30 x 24 x 10 cm for an undeniable champion look. It is custom made to avoid back and shoulder pain. This bag represents the best playground companion.

Fortnite backpack prices

There are bags for every budget. From affordable prices, they match the needs of children as much for the features offered as for parents in terms of sturdiness. For a few dozen euros, treat yourself to the best of the Fortnite backpack collection for the happiness of your little treasures. It is indeed a pure delight to see them so happy with their favourite backpack to go to school.

Fortnite Gamer Backpacks

These bags are specially designed for lovers of the online video game. They are especially suitable for kids in kindergarten, elementary school and even middle school. The bags grow with the kids and are sturdy enough to be useful for them throughout the school year and even several years in a row.

The manufacturing facilities are equipped with the best materials and sewing methods to give you items with excellent finish. The skins and colours are selected to be appreciated by both sexes. Some models have special features that may be of interest to girls or boys. They will make your children happy.

Giving your child the opportunity to choose his or her own favourite bag from many modern designs and models would be a real privilege. This kind of initiative can motivate children to put in more effort in class and bring good results.