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The backpack is a useful and practical accessory for many reasons. It is, in fact, excellent for transporting one’s belongings without difficulty and thus relieves the wearer’s body.

Because of its practicality, the backpack is marketed in a wide variety of models. Thus, we have backpacks for travel or even school backpacks. The backpack is also suitable for all ages and preferences.

As for the fox backpack, it is a fashionable backpack model, especially preferred by the smallest and children.

The characteristics of the fox backpack

The fox backpack is a trendy accessory that transcends the ages, and is loved by almost all children. It’s important for you to know that our little ones love to carry their own stuff. It gives them a sense of pride and independence. So, ideally, they should be able to do this with equipment that they can enjoy.

The fox backpack has great comfort and is particularly practical for children and even for a baby going to nursery. Indeed, it has storage pockets and especially internal compartments that your child can easily close. These internal pockets allow your child to create a little secret garden, primordial for the construction of his personality.

For your information, the design of the fox backpacks responds to a concern for ergonomics in order to suit the morphology of children, even those of young age.

Physical description of the fox backpack

As mentioned above, the fox backpack is made up of different internal compartments to make it easier to store your children. These compartments are designed with isothermal materials. You can, with peace of mind, put your child’s snack in their fox backpack without worrying about it getting cold at snack time.

The fox backpack is made from lightweight polyester, a material known to provide lightness and strength. As such, it provides your children with a sturdy piece of equipment that won’t tear as easily, but is just as light so they can carry it without much effort.

The colour of the fox backpack is that of this mischievous forest animal. As a result, you will find almost all models in orange. But, there arealso models in neutral colourssuch as black or other more original ones like red or fuchsia.

To provide better ergonomics, fox backpacks have a handle on top. The latter serves to allow a better grip of the bag by your child. This will allow him to keep it in his hand in case he doesn’t feel like carrying the bag on his back.

The different models have a capacity of between 5.5 and 10 L to allow your child to store his or her belongings according to his or her age. The fox schoolbag is thus a companion that will accompany your child during his primary school years.

Finally, the ideal size of the fox backpack for your child depends on his age and morphology. In general, you will find models with dimensions of 21 x 26 x 10 cm, although there are larger ones.

The advantages of the fox backpack

The fox backpack is a very useful accessory for the little ones. Specifically, it has a large number of advantages on different levels.

In fact, on a functional level, the fox backpack has a large central storage pocket that closes with a zip. Thanks to this large compartment, your child will be able to put small objects such as books, a lunch box, a favourite toy or even a change of clothes. It also has closed inner compartments for items that are a little more sensitive and precious to them, such as their marbles or card collection.

The fox backpack is suitable for smaller children. Its back panel is, in fact, padded, perfectly sturdy and breathable in order to protect the back of the smallest still developing. In this way, this accessory is ideal for transport, perfectly supporting the child’s back.

The padded and adjustable straps with which it is equipped provide additional comfort. In fact, you will be able to adapt the straps of the bag to your child’s morphology to avoid it floating or being disruptive while the child is carrying it.

Finally, the fox backpack has a playful design. In recent years, the fox design is particularly popular because this mischievous little animal is admired by children. Indeed, it inspires sympathy and confidence in them, making the fox backpack an increasingly trendy and coveted piece of equipment.

Fox backpack models

There are a wide variety of fox backpacks available depending on the age of your child.

Fox backpacks for younger children

These are the backpacks that accompany your little ones in their first days at school. As such, they have a minimal capacity to mainly accommodate your child’s lunchbox.

Both cute and original, they will follow your child everywhere. With their embossed ears and little fox head, the fox backpacks for the little ones will appeal to both boys and girls. Thus, it will be with euphoria that they will use it to carry their little things everywhere they want.

The fox leatherette backpack

This is a backpack that perfectly fits the shape of the smartest animal in the forest. Made from imitation leather, in addition to the main compartment it has a front pocket allowing your little angel to carry everything they need for the day. Measuring 26 x 21 x 10 cm, it has adjustable straps to allow perfect adaptability to all body types.

The mini size fox child backpack

This is a completely original backpack that has a front pocket that opens with clips. It featuresembossed fox earsthat will make all your kids, girls and boys, fall in love. Measuring 26 x 23 cm, it hangs on a strap.

Fox backpacks for older children

The fox backpack models for older children are designed and offered for children from 5 years old. They have a 3D design that represents the fox’s head remarkably well. In addition, they have a fox tail on the bottom.

The main central compartment is much larger than in the other models. In addition, depending on the age of the child, you will find much larger main compartments. Thus, they have a content of between 7 and 10 L. Also, they have water bottle holders on the sides, label holders and water repellent. Finally, these models of fox backpacks are equipped with height adjustable shoulder straps.