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The dog backpack is an accessory that can be used to keep your pet company despite your busy schedule. On hikes, but also during short walks, this material can easily replace a crate. Due to its popularity, many brands are now specialised in the production of dog backpacks. The models available on the market have different characteristics and are suitable for a specificclass of animals.What is a dog backpack and what are its advantages? How do you make a good choice of this equipment?

What is a dog backpack?

Unlike the classic carrying bag, the dog backpack allows, as its name suggests, to keep the animal behind you. With this indispensable equipment for walking and sporting outings, the doggie is comfortably installed and strapped in. His head can easily be taken out through the top opening so that he can get some fresh air.

With the dog backpack, the weight of the animal is well distributed on your shoulders. It is a perfect device for hiking or long walks in the city with your pet. Even if the dog can’t see you, it feels your presence close by. Because of this small drawback, the backpack is not really appreciated by anxious or nervous dogs.

What are the advantages of this type of bag?

The dog backpack is a practical tool for carrying small and medium-sized animals for the purpose of walking around. It is particularly useful for getting through certain gates and accessing places where only animals that fit in a bag are allowed.

It also makes it easier to respect the growth of the animals. There are no more worries about limited walks or puppies not being able to go on long walks.

In case of fatigue or when the ground becomes dangerous for him (too hot, steep…), the animal joins your back without complaining. On the other hand, you will have to carry the tired or sick animal in your arms if there is no bag, which is not really comfortable. Thus, the backpack allows your four-legged friend to follow you almost everywhere.

This equipment gives you a better experience with your companion. It is also a great way to spend a holiday with your dog. Your dog will no doubt be delighted to share such a great adventure while taking a rest on your back from time to time.

What type of dog backpack to buy?

There are a variety of dog backpack models on the market available in many different colours or sizes. Based on your needs, you will find the bag that best fits.

Small cat and dog carrier backpack

This type of bag allows you to carry your favourite small companion as close to you as possible. Sitting comfortably in the device, the animal will feel at ease in all circumstances. It is possible to wear this material on the back or on the chest to face your friend.

The equipment isvery practical and comfortablefor travel. It is available in two sizes and five different colours. With this one, the miles are no longer an obstacle to prevent your companion from following you on all your trips.

Transport backpack for small and medium-sized pets

This is the ideal equipment for carrying your dog or cat on a walk. The animal will feel comfortable in it and will be able to put its paws and tail out through the dedicated holes. It is a very strong bag that can support animals weighing up to 12 kg.

The bag has foam padding on the back and shoulder for easy carrying. With zips on the sides, it’s much easier to get your dog in. The quality of the product is really good and the style is aesthetically pleasing.

Outdoor backpack for dogs

This backpack is a real help when you feel like taking your dog for a walk. To use it, simply open it and place the dog in it and off you go for a sweet little stroll around town. The dog can stick its head out through the hole at will.

The equipment is made of a mesh fabric that ensures comfort and coolness for the animal during the trip. It can be worn in front without affecting the comfort of the dog. This equipment is available in sizes M and S and is simple to wear and easy to use. It can keep animals ranging in size from 3 to 6.5 kg.

Adjustable kangaroo backpack for dogs

This is a bag that allows you to easily carry your pet around town or in the country. This accessory is equipped with four holes through which the animal can stick its paws out. Depending on the size chosen, the material can support animals weighing between 2.5 and 9 kg.

The kangaroo backpack has side and top closures for easy entry of the dog. The breathable, well-padded mesh fabric ensures a comfortable fit. It is also possible to adjust the adjustable straps and wear the bag in front according to your wishes and needs.

The single strap dog backpack

This beautiful backpack is primarily designed for smaller dogs such as Chihuahuas and Yorkies. It is made of mesh and terry cloth to provide maximum comfort. The material is equipped with a closure that can be easily slipped over either shoulder. It supports animals weighing between 3 and 6 kg depending on the size chosen.

How to choose the right dog backpack

Dog backpacks are mainly manufactured in a workshop or in industry. In either case, it is essential to look for the product with the highest possible quality. There are several criteria that should be considered when purchasing this equipment. For example, the weight and size of the dog should be adapted to the dimensions of the bag.

Manufacturers usually specify a maximum weight for the animal, beyond which the equipment cannot support the dog. So be sure to take this into account. Next, it is important to consider the design, comfort and safety (presence of straps, fasteners, etc.) of the bag.

In addition, depending on your pet’s needs, you can opt for an open or closed backpack. The second type is best for a nervous animal. You should also be sure that the latter has strong straps to hold your dog in place.

It is also important to ensure that the packaging is well cared for for maximum protection during transport. Even when the bag is heavy duty, be sure that your back will be able to carry the weight for some distance.

As an added bonus, a good dog backpack should have a pouch for carrying your dog’s belongings away from the dog. If the bag is not too big, it can be used to store your key, sandwich, purse and dog ball. This is also the case with pockets for carrying water and other items.