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Women’s vintage backpack for an original look

Bags are useful and essential fashion accessories. Indeed, they are used to carry various objects, which are more or less necessary during the day, and even in the evening. Moreover, they are essential elements to complete the outfit. Isn’t it said that the choice of accessories reveals a part of the personality? In any case, you have probably noticed that backpacks are now making a comeback in fashion circles. Very practical, they are timeless, comfortable and adaptable to all styles. Whether it’s zippered or drawstring, small or large, leather, nylon or canvas, you’re sure to find something in our collection that will give you a unique style.

Why opt for a vintage women’s backpack?

There are several reasons for choosing a svintage women’s backpack.


The main reason is that the svintage women’s backpack is a timeless accessory. Indeed, fashion evolves, and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with new trends. The backpack is however part of the pieces that have crossed several eras, without losing their value. On the contrary, today it is still very much appreciated, especially forits durability, and the unique styleit brings. You’ll never feel out of place wearing a backpack.

The plurality of models

Moreover, there are many models and variations of svintage women’s backpack. So, whatever your style and taste, you will find a swomen’s vintage backpack that suits you. The backpack can remain an accessory that you use sporadically as well as become an everyday companion. It will allow you to put together a variety of looks, but always chic and elegant, and slightly retro.

The functionality

The backpack is also a practical and functional tool. It is nice to be able to access your personal belongings at any time. Plus, using it leaves your hands free to do other things. Using a svintage women’s backpack is also a good way to maintain a good balanced posture. This is because you are not pulled to one side or the other, as the weight of the bag is evenly spread over your shoulders.

How to choose your vintage women’s backpack

Choosing a vintage women’s backpack is not a random process. In fact, there are several criteria to consider. The design is the most important criterion. It is the design that determines whether the chosen model fits your style. The design you choose should enhance you and also reflect your personality.

The choice of colours

When it comes to colours for example, the classics are brown and black. Vintage women’s backpacks in these colours work with a variety of clothing styles. They are ideal for people who want to look stylish without overdoing it. Some two-tone designs are also very understated and beautiful. In particular, they help to add a touch of pizzazz to overly classic outfits.

On the other hand, if you want to be a little more original, you can choose your vintage women’s backpack in pastel shades or more vivid colours. Some models are more original, with shapes or designs inscribed on them. With these, you not only bring a retro chic piece, but also vitality to your look.

The material of manufacture

Apart from the colours, you need to look at the materials. Most of the time vintage women’s backpacks are made of leather. This is a noble material that retains its beauty over time. Canvas backpacks are also recommended for their durability. Finally, there are models made of polyester, velvet, nylon or even embroidered or woven models, which are quite charming.

Finally, special attention should be paid to the finishing details. They add authenticity and character to the vintage women’s backpack. These include zips, buckles, straps, etc.

The shape

The shape of the bag is also essential as it determines how you will use it. For example, you have vintage women’s backpacks that are square, rectangular, orrounded. Smaller bags will thus be more suitable for outings in the city, while squarer models will be more suitable for the professional setting. But of course, it’s all a matter of taste and depends on your preferences.


The ergonomics of the bag is also a good criterion for choosing. Depending on how you want to use it, you will have to choose the capacity and the number of compartments. In addition, some waterproof models are recommended for carrying fragile objects (documents, electronic devices, etc.).

How to properly carry a vintage women’s backpack

The answer to this question has two aspects. The first is how to carry the bag so as not to suffer from back pain. The second offers tips on how to wear the vintage women’s backpack in style.

The backpack, as its name suggests, is worn on the back, using the two straps it is equipped with. In principle, once positioned, it should always be above the buttocks. In addition, when packing your belongings, you should make sure to put the heaviest items at the bottom. Then you should adjust the shoulder straps so that they support the weight of the bag, and that the weight is well distributed over the shoulders. Finally, if you need to carry a lot of stuff, choose models with a chest strap, a lumbar belt and padded shoulder straps.

The current trend is to use the vintage women’s backpack to accessorise more classic or modern outfits. It is a casual touch that goes well with a wide variety of styles. A vintage women’s backpack will go perfectly with a simple satin shift dress, a polka dot style dress, or a blouse and pleated skirt ensemble.

For those who prefer more casual outfits such as jogging suits or jeans, this style can also be adopted. For example, combine straight trousers with a top and a straight coat. A women’s backpack with patterns and prints will also work better with more basic colours.

In any case, since this is an accessory that will accompany you for many years, it is best to bet on quality. Choose your vintage backpack from our collection to make the most of it.