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Backpacks are indispensable in many everyday circumstances. When it comes to children, it is often difficult to make the right choice. Sometimes it is necessary to take them on the spot to find the best compromise between needs and desires. For this reason, Unicorn backpacks are made to meet both requirements. The materials and design of each model are designed to meet the needs of quality, comfort and durability.

Unicorn backpacks: when imagination comes to everyday life

When it comes to must-have accessories, the backpack certainly ranks high. It is user-friendly, easy to use and above all, very practical for keeping your things within reach. On hikes, at school and even during holidays, children almost never leave it behind.The Unicorn backpackis the ideal companion for all ages and useful in all circumstances. Discreet, elegant and suitable for any style of clothing, the accessory has several storage compartments. Many models are available to perfectly meet your needs and requirements.

Unicorn motifs accompany backpacks that are suitable for dreamy children with a vivid imagination. If your child is fond of fairy tales and tales about unicorns, this bag will make them love school. It’s ideal for children who find it hard to leave the house.

Several colours and designs on magical unicorns, flowers, ice cream… are available. The various shapes of backpacks also offer other options: mini bag, plush, satchel, with wheels, etc. Some models are available in one or three pieces depending on the case.

The whole world of backpacks is perfectly represented with stimulating colours and designs for children. If girls are the first to ask for them, it is possible to find models with masculine patterns and colours specially adapted to your boy.

The comfort of use makes it the preferred partner for small children in kindergarten and primary school. Numerous easy-to-reach compartments can hold all the daily essentials. Remember to select perfectly waterproof lunch boxes and water bottles if they are to be stored inside.

For girls and boys

The fairytale world of unicorns, candy and rainbows is explored by boys and girls. A wonderful collection of backpacks with tailored designs is available for them. They are back-friendly and soft to the touch forrepeated funevery day.

A plush unicorn backpack

There are several models for children or girls exclusively. Cute as can be, several finishes are also available. Furry backpacks will delight all little treasures with a delicate touch. A model with a horn and a smile is ideal to bring a good mood to every school trip.

This bag measures 22 x 30 x 10 cm for baby’s little back. The model for both sexes measures 22 x 20 cm, still with the same fluffy fur. Only the horn and the smile of the plush vary. With its super classy backpack, your little one will be the king of the playground.

Pink Unicorn Backpack

The pink unicorn model is for the wise and stylish little girls. It is also very practical for family outings and walks. Grown-ups and little girls alike love it for its pink dominance and two side pockets. A sleeping rainbow unicorn, just as sweet as your little angel, will look after her.

This bag is waterproof and splash-proof. So he can go swimming or fishing without worrying about his belongings. Available in two sizes S (22 x 28 x 12 cm) and M (24 x 32 x 13 cm), its technology also protects your little one’s back. Just make sure you don’t let her take anything extra to school.

In addition, there are models with designs more suitable for boys. Also available in two sizes S (27 x 20 x 10 cm) and M (31 x 25 x 13 cm), they are just as magical and adorable. All your champion’s essentials will fit inside without posing a problem to his sensitive shoulders.

Children’s backpack with colourful unicorn, ice cream or flower prints

This is the perfect backpack for big and small, boys and girls. Five colour shades are available for added distinction. Purple, yellow, midnight blue, sky blue and pink are the favourite shades for children. Unicorn siblings can then adopt the same style to quickly meet up at the end of the school day.

The bag features cute unicorn designs with the power of flight “I can fly”. It is perfect for storing anything: supplies, clothes, toys, etc. Remarkably stylish, it’s perfect for kids who like to be stylish and show they’re in charge.

If your children love ice cream cones or flowers, it is possible to combine this passion with unicorns. Choose a bag with their favourite design, ice cream or flower, to meet their expectations. He will now be the first to want to go to school to wear his wonderful bag on his back.

Sequin or star backpack

Sequins are the killer weapon for kids who love to capture the attention of their audience. This bag is just the thing for them. Glittery sequins run all over the bag for a totally magical look. Make your little girl the princess of her class and the queen of the playground.

It can perfectly accompany the child during her outings to the park or elsewhere by offering 25.5 x 21 x 5.5 cm of storage space. Lightweight and colourful, it will make their already sparkling eyes shine. It can be the ideal gift to reward a brave and hard-working little girl in class.

A slightly different version features stars with your favourite unicorn. With a size of 30 x 23.5 x 11 cm, the bag can hold your princess’ notebooks, books and dolls. She will love to take this particularly cute bag design with her everywhere.

Unicorn plush backpack

Does your little one love stuffed animals? Give her a unicorn backpack in this shape. Soft and cute, it’s popular with sensitive girls and boys. Carrying his school stuff in his favourite plush is the best way to make him love school.

The bag offers excellent storage possibilities in two sizes. A size S of 45 cm would be suitable for smaller children, while size M of 60 cm would be suitable for older children. Opting for a bag in white and pink can be a good option for potty training your little hero.

Unicorn Pattern Rolling Backpack

Is your little one not too fond of putting his bag on his back? Switch to a rolling bag to take it easy on his shoulders. The fun side of the bag is perfect for kids who are a little lazy when they start school. The bag has handy dividers to help your child’s storage capacity.

The bag measures 46 x 32 x 24.5 cm and consists of three pieces. When it comes to travelling, your baby will certainly love doing what the grown-ups do. Go on a trip to the end of the world, your child is ready and his things are well organised. He can take care of it himself without too much trouble.