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On the market, the children’s backpack is sold in several forms. For example, you can find a soft Patrol backpack for kids, a Pokémon Go backpack for kids, a Mickey print backpack for kids, a pink unicorn backpack for girls or boys. There is also a dinosaur printed child backpack, a Marvel spider man backpack, a Mikey coloured child backpack, a rabbit plush backpack, a teddy bear child backpack..

Such diversity can be a source of indecision in some cases. As a parent, it is therefore up to you to be discerning in order to choose the best schoolbag for your child. Once you’ve unearthed that rare gem, it’s all too easy to use.

How to select the right children’s backpack

In order to safeguard your child’s well-being, it is important to choose the right accessories to accompany him or her on a daily basis. If you set out to select a child’s backpack, it would be ideal to take into account certain parameters.

The size

Thechildren’s backpackis an accessory that will accompany your little one in most of their activities. In order not to be a hindrance, it should be a small size. Its structure should not, under any circumstances, overhang your child’s back. You should therefore favour models that do not go beyond the height of your child’s shoulders, otherwise it is too big. On the other hand, a child’s backpack will be more comfortable if its base stops at the top of your child’s buttocks.

The materials of manufacture

At their youngest ages, children are usually looking for adventure. As well as being tough, the accessories that come with them need to be durable. For this reason, you should opt for a sturdy children’s backpack made from quality materials. In addition to their sturdiness, these materials should be easy to maintain. Therefore, lightweight and washable fabric covers are to be preferred.


The shoulder straps are the master asset of the children’s backpack. Intended to distribute the load carried by your child, these should have good padding around the shoulders. This way, your child’s comfort will be guaranteed. Also, a good children’s backpack usually has adjustable shoulder straps. These allow the accessory to adapt to your child as he or she grows. For optimal weight distribution, you can also opt for a child’s backpack that has waist straps.

Additional options

Depending on your child’s living conditions, it is important to look for certain options. For example, children who walk a long way to school will need a bag that makes their journey easier. For this purpose, a child’s backpack with a retractable handle and wheels would work perfectly. Likewise, a waterproof liner would be very useful if your child is in an area or period prone to bad weather. A backpack with a side pocket can also help to distribute the weight of what they’re carrying and make their schoolbag more practical: you canslip a banana in there for a snack,without it getting crushed by the rest of their stuff.

Why consider certain parameters when choosing a child’s backpack?

Without the parameters mentioned earlier, the child backpack you choose will have a hard time fitting your little one. An ill-fitting backpack can cause your child to adopt a poor walking position. Adopting the wrong postures will, in the long run, cause overload on your child’s muscles and joints. As a result of several muscle strains, your child will complain of neck, shoulder or back pain.

Furthermore, the consequences of a bad children’s backpack can take time to manifest themselves. Children’s bodies are known to be very adaptable. Because of this, the negative effects can appear several years later. In some cases, they manifest themselves in adulthood. For this reason, you should necessarily opt for a children’s backpack that incorporates certain parameters in terms of size, manufacturing materials and fit.

What weight for child backpack?

To safeguard your child’s health, the load carried by the child’s backpack should not exceed certain limits. According to experts, a child’s backpack should not weigh more than one tenth (1/10) of your child’s weight. This means a maximum load of 2kg for a 20kg child. For a child weighing 23 kg, you should therefore limit yourself to a maximum load of 2.3 kg. As a parent, it is up to you to be careful not to exceed the limits.

Keep in mind that the smaller your child is, the more you need to reduce the number of items they carry with them each day. For greater efficiency, teach your child the concept of distribution. This means putting the heaviest items near the back and those that are light or have irregular shapes towards the front compartments. In this way, the risk of soreness is absolutely reduced.

Some tips for lightening a child’s backpack?

As we have seen, weight is something that needs to be constantly regulated. If your child is still in kindergarten, the problem does not arise, since he or she does not have many items to carry on a daily basis. The need for regulation will arise as soon as your child starts to progress through the school system. From that moment on, you will need some tips to lighten his daily burden. The most important of these is the transport of useful items from home to school.

Indeed, you can get your child used to carrying only the things he/she needs(pencil case, crayons, …). Instead of bringing most of his books, he can take only those related to the lessons scheduled for the day. They can also take an empty bottle instead of a full one. Once at school, they only need to refill the bottle. To help him, clean up his things every week.
<How to properly carry a child's backpack
In order for it to perform its function without affecting your child's health, a child's backpack must be worn according to certain rules. To begin with, the shoulder straps should be adjusted so that the bag is positioned above your child’s bottom. Given its importance, this fit should be checked constantly. If the chosen children’s backpack has waist straps, these should be fastened for proper weight distribution. Finally, carrying a child’s backpack on one arm should be banned from your child’s routine.