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In recent years, women have really become aware of the importance of sport for maintaining the human body. It is estimated that at least one in two women now exercises regularly. In order to support this growing trend, several accessories have been designed to enhance women’s sports time.

One of the most popular of these accessories is the women’s sports backpack. Useful in many ways, the latter is made in various models: simple and practical sports backpack, women’s waterproof travel backpack, black basketball backpack, drawstring sports backpack, sports backpack with shoe compartment, waterproof sports backpack..

Why use a women’s sports backpack?

Far from being trivial, the women’s sport backpack is the accessory you can’t do without during your various sports activities. In addition to carrying most of your belongings, it allows you to keep your things in order. Generally, a good women’s sports backpack has several internal and external compartments. Thanks to these, storing your equipment becomes easy. Most of the time, the women’s sports backpack has a separate compartment that can accommodate your shoes and sports clothes. This reduces the risk of soiling.

In addition to accommodating your various belongings, the women’s sports backpack fits your body perfectly. The key to this harmony lies, in part, in the design of this accessory. Unlike conventional bags, the women’s sports backpack is designed to reduce the loads that can occur on your lower back. It can therefore be used outside of sporting activities. Apart from its functional and versatile aspect, the women’s sports backpack is often made from strong and durable materials. That’s not to mention that in terms of fashion, it doesn’t get more fun than sporty style.
<How to find a good women's sports backpack
On the market,the women’s sport backpackis marketed in several forms. Faced with the diversity of models that will be offered to you, making a choice can be complicated. However, there are a few things you can do to help you choose the right model for your needs. Among them, the most important are:

The capacity

Whether it is large or small, the capacity of a women’s sports backpack determines the amount of belongings you can take on your travels. It depends, in part, on the nature of the activities you plan to do. For activities in the gym, on average, you need a women’s sports backpack with a capacity of 35 to 40 litres. This is more than enough room for a change of clothes, a pair of trainers, a toiletry kit, a water bottle and a few random items of equipment (wristbands, mouth guards, gloves, etc.).

If your women’s sports backpack is going to accompany you on some trips, it would be wiser to opt for a capacity of between 50 and 65 litres. Thanks to this, you will have better flexibility. In addition to the above-mentioned items, you can easily carry extra instruments and clothes. Similarly, a hike will require you, on average, the same capacity.

The compartments

Compartments are very useful for awomen’s sports backpack. This is because they allow you to properly store your dirty clothes, towels and shoes, without dirtying the clean ones. Keep in mind that a good capacity does not always imply a large variety of pockets. So to choose the best women’s sports backpack, you should look for the following features:

  • A large main pocket for most of your stuff;
  • A separate compartment for your shoes;
  • A pocket at the bottom of the bag for carrying bulky items;
  • A computer pocket that will save you a trip home before or after your activity;
  • Some side pockets to store small items: water bottles, mobile phones, keys, medication…

The material

Various materials can be used to make a women’s sports backpack. Depending on their nature, some among them are much more durable than others. To date, polyester is a material that is very popular with users. It must be said that in addition to being strong, it shows good resistance to water. With its good thermoplasticity, it offers more room for manoeuvre in terms of style.

Easy to clean, cloth is a material that is also successful with the women’s sports backpack. Thanks to its flexibility, it stretches easily when filled. The only drawback of this material is its tendency to snag and tear on contact with certain surfaces.

As for leather, it is resistant and perfectly biodegradable. Apart from its fragility against water, it seems relatively expensive and heavy. Some women’s sports backpacks are made from neoprene. Despite its lightness and water resistance, this material is more expensive than its counterparts. Furthermore, models that are designed with neoprene offer few colours and styles. Of all the materials presented, polyester seems to be the most advantageous.


The women’s sports backpack is an accessory called to hold your clothes soiled by the various sports exercises practiced. Also, it will accompany you on your trips and hikes. In view of these various functions, it seems obvious that your women’s sports backpack could quickly get dirty. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a bag made of easy to wash materials. While some women’s sports backpacks are machine washable, others require hand washing.

The hand washing process can range from wiping with a cloth to using a brush to remove stains. It is up to you to check the washing instructions label to choose the right women’s sports backpack for the washing method you can agree to. Keep in mind that leather can only be cleaned by hand, while canvas or nylon can go in the machine.

The design

As an accessory for women, a good women’s sports backpack should fit your style. In addition to being practical, it should have a design that offers several clothing combination options. If you have a rather sophisticated dress style, you can opt for a pretty or girly women’s sports backpack. On the other hand, a bag with sleek colours is more in line with minimalist and professional looks. Either way, you should refer to your taste to make the best choice.