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When planning a little outing with your feline companion, a cat backpack seems indispensable. Without one, it’s not always easy to carry your cat on most trips. With the demands of these small animals, many owners find that a cat backpack is a must-have for everyday life.

So if you own one or more cats, buying a cat backpack seems like the best alternative for great walks. Between mesh cat backpack, expandable transport backpack, soft and warm cat backpack, travel cat backpack, waterproof cat backpack, transparent space capsule cat backpack… you will easily find the accessory that will make you happy.

Cat backpacks: a unique experience

As soon as you plan to adopt a cat, the cat backpack is the accessory you absolutely must get. It has to be said that buying a cat backpack means committing to a unique experience with your faithful companion. Designed to simplify your travel, this one allows your cat to accompany you on all your new adventures. Thanks to its ergonomics, a cat backpack adapts to the needs of your feline as well as those of its owner. For the owner, transportation is greatly simplified, since the lightness of the accessory reduces the load carried.

As for the flexibility, it seems to be there all along the routes taken. This is why many cat owners prefer the cat backpack to the cages and crates available on the market. Compared to these, the cat backpack offers better comfort for the feline. As a functional accessory, the cat backpack seems to have it all. So it’s easy to understand the wild success it has had for several years.

Why use a cat backpack on the street?

If you are planning to run an errand next door or go to the vet, using a cat backpack will be a great help. In particular, it will allow you to carry your companion without difficulty, especially if he or she looks unwell. Generally speaking, a cat backpack is worn on the back or on the stomach. In both positions, it reduces the swinging effect found withother carrying accessories(carrier or carrier cage). Unlike these, it avoids bumping passers-by in its sawing.

It is therefore easy to understand how useful it can be in crowded streets. Compared to conventional carrier bags, the cat backpack is an accessory that optimises the load carried. With the entire load spread over your shoulders, your hands are completely free. This can be beneficial, especially if you like to ride your bike or use other means of transport. In addition to this lightness, there are vents installed to improve the comfort of the animal.

Why use a cat backpack on public transport?

Contrary to what you might think, cats are indeed accepted on public transport. While the public transport authorities do not accept animals, they do tolerate them, however, to a certain standard. You can take your cat on the metro or train as long as it travels in a cat backpack, cage or carrier. Compared to the last two options, the cat backpack is a better alternative. For a start, its flexibility will make your feline feel a little more confident.

During the journey, your cat will be more docile and will make fewer sudden movements. As we all know, many jolts can occur during a trip on public transport. In such a situation, it is important to put your feline in a cat backpack. Made of several soft materials, this one will know how to mitigate the shocks caused by the various shocks. It is without counting that the backpack for cats helps your tomcat to enjoy the journey, thanks to various ventilations that usually constitute it. This means he can hear, see and smell all the elements around him.

Why use a cat backpack on a plane?

Everyone would agree that a loose cat would be disastrous for air travel. It has to be said that your tomcat is likely to create a general panic among the passengers, but also among the crew in charge of the flight. That’s why airlines require accessories to contain pets. Once again, the cat backpack will be of great help. In addition to keeping your feline, it will offer him a comfortable and safe journey. So your cat can enjoy the trip as much as you do.

During the plane’s take-off and landing, several jolts will necessarily occur. As you would expect, the animals on board the aircraft will be the first to feel the shocks. Thanks to its flexibility, the cat backpack will reduce the intensity of these shocks as much as possible. Also, an excellent locking system will easily keep your cat indoors throughout the trip. Since the information varies from company to company, you should, nevertheless, find out what requirements your cat backpack must meet.

Why go on walks with a cat backpack?

As we have noticed, the cat backpack is an all-purpose accessory. That’s why many owners like to use it to take their companion on trips. Apart from formal travel (public transport, aeroplane…), the cat backpack is a tool conducive to balads. Instead of having to use a leash to chain your cat, it offers you a less restrictive alternative. This then prevents you from incurring the wrath of your tomcat.

By putting your cat in a cat backpack when you go for a walk, you are offering your pet a whole new concept. Perched on your back or belly, he can enjoy the joys of ahigh view. This new habit changes him from the view he’s used to in his daily life. At your level, the pleasure will only be greater, as the load you carry is optimally distributed over your shoulders.