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How To Carry A Handbag

How to carry a handbag?

The definition of a handbag is quite simple: it is a bag that can hold medium-sized objects. Except that, in reality, the handbag is the reference item that all women carry, every day, all over the world.

It doesn’t matter if they are working, taking care of the kids, going out with friends, shopping, playing sports, in short: the handbag is the fetish object that any woman owns, often in several copies, in order to make her daily life easier, but also to enjoy it as a fashion accessory.

A little history..

It is important to know that the principle of the handbag is very old since it dates … from antiquity.
At that time, it was used by slaves to carry the valuables of their masters. For example, when their masters wanted to proudly show off their jewelry, they would tell the slaves to do so.

And why not put these objects in pockets? Well, simply because at that time, pockets did not exist!

Over time, the handbag has undergone different evolutions.
Nowadays, the handbag comes in different sizes, colors, materials, shapes. Its purpose is often to carry all sorts of objects from the phone to the diary, through the makeup bag and keys. But it must be up to date by following the fashion codes, by associating with the clothes and accessories of those who wear it.

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Know how to wear a handbag … and know the reason

Having a handbag is good. Knowing how to carry it, why and the advantages as well as the disadvantages is even better.

There are many ways to carry a handbag, depending mainly on the style you want to adopt, but there are also other criteria to consider.

The classic way

You hold your handbag by the handle and let it “hang” along your legs.
The main reason to adopt this style is that it adapts to all situations: as much for going to work as if you want to walk. In addition, you can use a small or larger bag, it does not change the way you wear it.

However, two problems can arise. On the one hand, the weight of the bag must remain reasonable, otherwise you will quickly have pain in your hand and even in your arm. On the other hand, one of the hands is occupied and therefore interaction with the immediate environment is reduced (opening a door, grabbing an object, etc.).

Over the shoulder

Carrying a bag on the shoulder is a classic adopted by many women.
The problem is that the bag chosen should not be cumbersome, as it quickly becomes a nuisance when travelling. There is also the risk that the bag slips off the shoulder and even falls to the ground: to hold it, the best thing is to have a hand continuously present around the shoulder strap.

A way to carry your handbag with style, but which requires certain precautions.

Across the shoulder

Surely one of the best ways to carry a handbag.

It is a variation of the shoulder carry. There are many reasons to carry your handbag this way. First, it does not risk falling on the ground. Secondly, you have more freedom of movement since both your hands are completely free of any constraints related to the carrying of the bag.

Finally, security: it is a good way to protect yourself from snatching. One last reason? The weight of the bag is better distributed and wearing it over the shoulder protects your back by avoiding weighing on one side of the spine.

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On the hip

If you want to carry your handbag with originality, carrying it on your hip is a good method. Here, we forget about the handle of the bag as well as the shoulder strap: we take the bag by the bottom and let it rest on the hip. The reason for adopting this style is to give yourself a fashion effect that will definitely be noticed.

For the rest, this way of carrying your handbag is to be reserved for an outing that does not require you to walk long distances or you will quickly feel a difficulty in moving due to the friction of the bag on your clothes.

In a backpack

If you have to carry a lot of things in your handbag, especially over a long distance, wearing it on your back can be a good solution. Indeed, a nice leather model can be easily adapted to many outfits.

The main reason for adopting the backpack lies in its large storage capacity, the comfort you feel when you have to carry it as well as the fact of having your hands free of any actions.

Placed on one shoulder, the backpack offers to the person who carries it a chic and casual style.

In a clutch

The clutch bag is distinguished by its minimal size and is simply carried in the hand. Obviously, because of its small size, the clutch is not a handbag that we use in everyday life. But then for what reason to opt for the clutch? During an evening for example, it is the ideal companion to be able to carry with you and with a lot of style, the minimum required.
Small drawback: we tend to put the clutch somewhere… and to forget it easily. To overcome this problem, some models have a removable chain.

The elbow fold

Carrying your handbag at the elbow crease, also known as the elbow crease, is very common. But why carry your handbag in this way? For a fashion effect. Because this gesture has been widely popularized by many stars around the world.

And yet, it is a way of carrying your handbag that is not without consequences for your health. Indeed, although it allows the person who carries it to look sophisticated, it should be known that wearing it at the level of the elbow fold leads to a doubling or even tripling of the weight of the handbag. The risk of seeing muscular and even bony disorders appear is real. A style to be used very occasionally.

And men in all this?

Handbags do not exist as such for men.
However, with all the things you need to carry around these days, even for men, pockets are often no longer enough (or risk being overloaded to the point of damaging clothing).
As a result, shoulder bags, often with a small capacity, are the solution for men who want to easily carry their phone, wallet, keys, glasses, etc.

For those who need a bag for their work and who need to carry a laptop, a tablet or simply files, bag manufacturers are increasingly offering storage solutions to free their clothing pockets from all the accessories that have become indispensable nowadays.

As you may have noticed, the handbag has become an indispensable accessory through the ages. True fashion item for some, essential object to face the daily necessities for others: it is worn in many ways, according to its mood, its desire and the practicality that you want to give it.

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How to wear a handbag according to you?

Do you know other ways to wear a handbag? Tell us in comments!

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