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Personalise Your Schoolbag

Personalize your schoolbag : 6 original ideas

Back to school shopping for a new backpack or school bag is almost a necessity. Between the youngest child who wants a schoolbag of a certain color, the teenager who wants the latest fashionable bag and the adult who needs a schoolbag or a backpack for his work: it is difficult to find the perfect […]

Travel Backpack

Which backpack to travel with?

The backpack is the first accessory that a traveler will highlight when going on a trip. Therefore, making the best choice of back pack is essential and requires time to reflect. In this article, we will give you all the aspects to put forward to select the ideal backpack. This will depend on your budget, […]

What Type Of Backpack To Choose

What type of backpack to choose?

Often forgotten, the backpack is nevertheless an essential accessory in a dressing room. Depending on your needs and the use you want to make of it, it is not always easy to find the right one. Not to mention that it is necessary to find a good quality model, which respects your back and your […]

How To Carry A Handbag

How to carry a handbag?

The definition of a handbag is quite simple: it is a bag that can hold medium-sized objects. Except that, in reality, the handbag is the reference item that all women carry, every day, all over the world. It doesn’t matter if they are working, taking care of the kids, going out with friends, shopping, playing […]

Which Backpack For High School

Which high school backpack to choose?

In France, 12.9 million students pass through the gates of a high school every morning (source: INSEE). Thirsty for knowledge, they carry a plethora of accessories. Books, notebooks, laptops, etc. You can’t imagine how much a high school student can carry. With their long days, high school students need a backpack that can keep up […]

Connected Backpack Advantages And Disadvantages

Connected backpack: Advantages and disadvantages

High-Tech specialists are designing more and more sophisticated objects on the market to facilitate the use of interconnectable tools. Indeed, these connected devices make the use of smartphones and other smart devices and accessories more convenient. One of these connected objects is the connected backpack. What is it really for and what is its impact […]

Which Backpack For College

Which backpack for college?

The backpack, created in the 1900s, is an object that has undergone many changes before becoming the bag we all know today. In France, it appeared for the first time at the end of the 1980’s, as a worthy heir to the leather satchels.Used for all sorts of activities around the world, it remains the […]

How To Choose Your Suitcase

How to choose your suitcase ? The complete guide

A trip always requires preparations that meet the requirements. Buying a new suitcase can be one of them. If so, how do you buy one that best suits your needs? Discover – through this guide – our selection of criteria to put forward to choose your ideal suitcase. These criteria depend on the duration of […]

How To Clean A Leather Bag

How to clean a leather bag?

To the touch, leather is a material that resonates with your primal nature. Just by touching it, the skin-to-skin contact awakens your inner tiger. Organic, built to resist, leather soon seduced the aces of leather goods. Only… a shadow soon darkens the picture. Even though it seduces aesthetes, this textile can also be very capricious. […]

How To Fold Clothes Into A Backpack

How to fold clothes in a backpack?

Starting a trip with a backpack full of wrinkled clothes can leave you feeling perpetually stuck in the back seat of the plane. Upgrade your travel style with these expert tips for a well-made, wrinkle-free backpack. Layering Technique The layering technique is usually done with rectangular backpacks or suitcases. This allows you to take advantage […]

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