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Personalise Your Schoolbag

Personalize your schoolbag : 6 original ideas

Back to school shopping for a new backpack or school bag is almost a necessity. Between the youngest child who wants a schoolbag of a certain color, the teenager who wants the latest fashionable bag and the adult who needs a schoolbag or a backpack for his work: it is difficult to find the perfect object for each of them.

And when, finally, the rare pearl is found, we often find ourselves with a bag that, after only a few months, loses its interest. What if, with a few ideas, it was possible to personalize your bag in order to bring it back into fashion or to make it simply unique?

Take a look at the article below, you will discover all the tips to have an original backpack or schoolbag, for girls and boys of all ages.

Personalization: the essential touch of originality

You’ve finally found the right backpack or schoolbag you’ve been looking for.
Now all that’s left to do is put a few ideas into practice to personalize it and make it unique.

Bringing an old bag up to date

We all have an old bag in the closet that we no longer use. Probably because we didn’t use it at the time and put it away thinking we didn’t need it anymore.
The idea is to take it out, check its general condition and give it a new life.

If it is not too damaged and its primary function (transporting objects) is ensured, then it is enough to restore it to give it a new lease of life and make it original at the same time. How can you do it? For example, you can sew a new piece of fabric, why not in a different color, to replace a damaged area and at the same time make it unique. Why not change the straps of the backpack or the handle of the schoolbag? This will allow you to personalize it while reinforcing seams that are certainly worn.

The advantage of this idea is twofold: you save money, because you don’t have to buy a new bag, and you also do something for the planet.

Patch Pour Sac À Dos

Paint your bag

Yes, it is possible to paint your backpack or satchel. This way, you can make a standard model incomparable to others.

If you feel like an artist, this is a great way to personalize your bag. However, there are a few things to consider when completing your project, including what material your bag is made of. Before you begin your design with paint, have a clear idea of what you want to do, the proportions of your work and the colors you want to use before you start to avoid any mistakes. Also consider giving your bag a shape that will make it easier to paint: flat or filled.

To start and to make it easier for you, you can for example draw precisely or make a few lines of the model you want with a grey pencil, to have the basis of your drawing. Then, you can use acrylic paint or a special fabric paint to make your design. Finally, after waiting for everything to dry properly, remember to waterproof your bag with a rain spray to ensure optimal longevity of your artistic creation.

The possibilities of painting on a bag are numerous. From the realization of an entire landscape to the representation of an object, through a gradient of various colors, everything is possible.

Iron-on patches or badges

Iron-on patches are a quick and easy way to add a touch of originality to a bag and make a style statement. It is also a good solution to hide a damaged or worn out area of a bag. You will need an iron and a piece of dampened fabric. Also, make sure your bag has the capacity to withstand high temperatures.

Start by laying the well-cleaned fabric of your bag flat. Place your patch, sticky side down on the fabric. Place the slightly dampened piece of fabric on the patch and place your iron on it for about 20 seconds, pressing hard. It is possible to repeat the operation towards the inside of the bag. Let the fabric cool down before making sure that the patch is perfectly stuck.

Note that it is still advisable to make a few discreet stitches to strengthen the adhesion of the iron-on patch, especially on areas that may be heavily used. This will ensure a better longevity and avoid losing it. For the rest, the only limit to this process will be the surface of your bag that you have to stick your patches.

Accessoire Décor Pour Sac À Dos

Decorate with accessories.

Probably the easiest way to personalize your backpack or schoolbag, for all ages, girls or boys.

To start, you can use accessories that you already have. Otherwise, a simple and inexpensive purchase will be enough to personalize your bag. The tassel attached to a zipper is a classic that has stood the test of time. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors and materials, and will appeal to girls and boys alike.

Otherwise, small jewels, bracelets, small stuffed animals, charms, key rings, badges, pins, are also very common accessories. Sewing a pretty fabric bow or adding a small brooch adds a welcome touch of personalization to a girl’s bag, as does a colorful scarf attached to the straps of a backpack or tied to the handle of a school bag for a touch of nostalgia.

Moreover, it is possible to multiply the accessories by betting on the materials and the colors to personalize the most possible her bag.

The main advantage of using accessories to personalize your bag is that you can easily and quickly change them or remove them permanently, as you wish.

The personalized label

Often associated with school bags or backpacks for little girls and boys, the personalized label has now been modernized and offers many possibilities.

For the little ones, wooden labels representing animal heads on the front with the child’s name and surname on the back are, for example, both a decorative and practical idea. These labels are made both to please the children, but also to be able to display useful information to identify the person to whom the bag belongs, an address, the parents’ telephone number, etc.

For older children, a leather label with a message or logo can be used to personalize a bag and even to advertise a brand or a company.
Otherwise, labels can also be used to identify luggage or a travel backpack during an adventure. In this case, even if the owner’s details are information that must remain easily readable on one side, nothing prevents you from showing a picture of the landscape, your partner, or your pet for example, on the other side.

Create your bag from A to Z

For the most gifted in sewing and the most imaginative, why not simply create your own bag or satchel? This is a perfect solution for people who can’t find the bag model that suits them. This way, you will be able to make a bag in the shape you want, offering the capacity you are looking for, using the materials you prefer… and deciding how much you want to spend.

Even if you know a little bit about sewing and have a lot of the materials you need (sewing machine, threads, needles, etc.) it’s best to do some research before you start.

For example, why not create a backpack mixing leather and denim? In addition to being original, the bag can be made with second-hand materials, thus contributing to the environment.

The multiplication of materials and colors offers you almost infinite possibilities of creations.

Sac À Dos Personnalisé

How do you customize your schoolbag?

Have you already customized your schoolbag or backpack? Do you have any ideas on how to customize your schoolbag? Tell us your secrets in comments!

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