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What Type Of Backpack To Choose

What type of backpack to choose?

Often forgotten, the backpack is nevertheless an essential accessory in a dressing room. Depending on your needs and the use you want to make of it, it is not always easy to find the right one. Not to mention that it is necessary to find a good quality model, which respects your back and your morphology in general. So how to find the right product? What type of backpack to choose? We explain you all, in this article!

What are the criteria to choose a backpack?

Before buying a backpack , it is important to define your needs and the characteristics that are priorities. It is advisable to ask yourself about the following points:

The capacity

Above all, the issue of capacity is a priority. It is essential to determine the use of the bag and to define the volume that you will need. For example, I will not need the same capacity if I buy a bag to go to the office or to go hiking. It is important to visualize what you have to carry before choosing a model. To go to work, a bag of about 20 liters will be enough to carry my papers, my phone, a small water bottle, a pen and a notebook. On the other hand, for a weekend in the mountains, a bag with a capacity of more than 40 liters is imperative.

The quality

For a better durability and a greater comfort, it is necessary to go for a quality model. For this, it is important to look at the material used, the place of manufacture, the options offered by the product and the finishing touches. It is necessary to look at the resistance of the fabric, the waterproof and water-repellent qualities, the strength of the closing system, etc.


This often neglected point is essential, especially if you will be carrying your bag for several hours during the day. Ergonomics concerns everything related to comfort, the thickness of the straps, the padding in the back, the number of openings and storage compartments, the location of the wrists, etc. It’s really about looking at everything that will make the backpack comfortable and easy to handle.

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The different types of backpacks

Backpacks for the classroom

Whether it’s for college the high school or college, the backpack is an essential accessory for students. It must fulfill several missions: be trendy, comfortable, have a good volume and durability. Polyester models fulfill all their functions well and have the advantage of being inexpensive. When it comes to color and design, young people can try anything, so you might as well treat yourself!

Backpacks for work

Once you’re past university and the drunken nights, you need to leave room for sobriety when going to work. For example, a “cycling” bag, not very bulky and often discreet, is the ideal compromise to go to the office. In polyester or leather, it adapts to all desires and all budgets. If you find this design too sporty, the classic backpacks in waxed canvas or leather will bring you more elegance.

Recently, the trend of “tote” backpacks has found its place. It is a backpack, which once opened expands like a tote bag. The advantage is that you can see all your stuff at once. This type of model has several pockets, including a reinforced one to hold a tablet or a laptop depending on the volume.

The hiking backpack

For a hiking backpack, it is essential to focus on volume and ergonomics. You will have to carry weight on your back for hours or even days, it is important to think about preserving your back. You should go for models with 40 liters or more. Look at the padding on the back and the strength of the shoulder straps.

Check if the bag has a place to carry a walking stick, an ice axe for mountaineering or a water bottle. Also look to see if it has a waterproof pocket to carry your documents, etc. Do not skimp on all its options, they will bring you better comfort.

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The backpack for trekking

The difference with backpacking backpacks is that the trekking backpack must be able to hold everything you need for several days. It is therefore recommended to go for models of 60 liters or more. Designed as hiking bags, they often have several pockets in the waistband and straps to hang camping equipment. It should be very ergonomic and robust to ensure the best possible experience.

The backpack for Nordic walking

The backpack designed for Nordic walking is generally a small, light model of about 15 liters. It is supposed to contain a water bottle, a snack and a raincoat.

Which materials to choose?

As previously mentioned, the quality of the material is essential when choosing a backpack. It determines both the style and the durability of the product. Depending on your needs, your tastes and your wallet, you can choose the material that suits you.


Similar to ballistic nylon, Cordura is a tough, abrasion-resistant material with very good durability. It has the added advantage of being affordable. Eastpak bags, which we have all worn one day, are made from this material.


Lighter, more water resistant and stronger than cordura, dyneema is ideal for an urban look. It gives a lot of charm to the person who wears a dyneema backpack. The only drawback: the price.


Originally used in the design of boat sails, X PAC fabrics are very light and can withstand extreme conditions. When buying backpacks for hiking or trekking, choose this material for peace of mind.

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Beautiful, chic, urban, classy, elegant, resistant, the qualifiers are not lacking to talk about leather backpacks. This kind of leather goods model is ideal to go to work. The only small drawback: it is the price of course. A quality leather backpack made in Europe costs between 500 and 800 €. Not accessible to everyone unfortunately, but it’s the price to pay for a top-of-the-line product.

In short, if you are looking for a backpack, first determine the use you will make of it. Then prioritize the criteria that are important to you. Now that you’re clear on the world of backpacks, all you have to do is find your gem. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to comment on this article if you have any comments to make on the subject.

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