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Travel Backpack

Which backpack to travel with?

The backpack is the first accessory that a traveler will highlight when going on a trip. Therefore, making the best choice of back pack is essential and requires time to reflect. In this article, we will give you all the aspects to put forward to select the ideal backpack. This will depend on your budget, your profile, your aspirations, your travel habits and the duration of your trip.

Criteria for selecting a backpack for travel

When choosing a travel backpack, be sure to consider the following criteria.

Bag size and capacity

It is essential that your backpack is neither too small nor too large. Ideally, it should fit your body size, the size of your back and have the perfect capacity.

  • Make accurate measurements based on your body type and choose a bag with a good adjustment device. A woman’s bag should fit her body type, musculature and hips for comfort.
  • For a long trip , plan on a bag that is between 50 and 80 liters . We recommend a capacity of 15 to 25 liters for a bag to be carried daily.
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Comfort and straps

Generally, your backpack should weigh on your hips, without hurting your back or shoulder. The weight of your backpack should not pull you backwards.

A good adjustment of the adjustment points (hip and chest straps, load reminder straps, waist belt, etc.) is therefore required.

Your backpack should be easy to adjust and have a structure that is not too rigid . It must be equipped with :

  • A ventilation system, especially if you plan to go to a hot country;
  • A belt and padded shoulder straps.

Compartment bag with front opening

Opt for a backpack with a front opening to avoid removing everything when you are looking for items at the bottom. Also, it is important to have a bag with compartments for its interior layout. Your bag should have:

  • A lower and upper compartment: the goal is above all the distribution of the weight, you will be able to arrange your things according to the accessibility of the compartments;
  • One or two small pockets on the belt;
  • Several pockets to store your documents.

Resistance and waterproofing

  • A resistant backpack is a bag that will not let you down throughout your trip. Therefore, when you buy a backpack, make sure that the seams and fasteners are strong.
  • For your bag to withstand the elements, it must have a built-in protective cover. If not, get a waterproof backpack cover, often made of water-resistant materials.

Compact and lightweight bag

  • You should opt for a backpack that can be made more compact with side and top straps. These straps allow for compression of the bag when it is heavily loaded.
  • You should know that the most comfortable and largest bags have a certain weight. An empty 60L bag can weigh up to two kilos.


It’s best if your backpack’s zippers are sturdy and practical for everyday use. To hang a padlock, a bag with a double zipper is a good choice, especially for backpacking.

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The ideal type of backpack for travelers

The best backpacks for minimalist travelers

Large capacity travel backpack

With a capacity of 40 L, this backpack is the most popular among travelers. Withstanding a load of 20kg, the large capacity travel backpack can be used for cabin travel. It opens at the front and has a strap and shoulder straps that can be folded into a special compartment. The handles on the top and on one of the sides allow it to be transformed into a classic travel bag.

Weight: 1,4 kg

Load: 10-20kg

Advantages: a quality bag, modular, light and practical.

Large capacity military backpack 50L

With a capacity of 50 L, this backpack designed for digital nomads. It is equipped with a water bottle pocket, an underwear pocket, numerous pockets for wires, chargers, laptops, etc. It also includes a laundry bag and a waterproof tarp to protect your stuff in case of rain.

Weight: 1,8 kg

Load: 10-20kg

Advantages: A waterproof bag that opens at the front and has a detachable belt.

The ideal backpacks for hikers

Very large hiking backpack

Despite its capacity of 90 liters, this is an ultra light and rainproof backpack. It is the ideal bag for long trails. Part of the weight of the bag is transmitted to the hips via a suspension system so that the bag is never in direct contact with the back. This is very efficient to fight against perspiration.

Weight: 573 g

Load: 16 kg

Advantages: A well-designed, lightweight, waterproof bag with perfect ventilation.

Waterproof backpack for hiking

This backpack has a capacity of 50 liters. The waterproof hiking backpack is one of the most popular hiking backpack models. It is made for people who want to travel freely. The removable 10-liter pocket on top of the bag is easily removed.

Weight: 2.7 kg

Load: 25 kg

Advantages: A flexible and comfortable bag.

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Which backpack do you think is best for traveling?

Do you have questions about these backpacks? Any other models you think would be more interesting to recommend to travelers? Leave a comment below!

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