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Which Backpack For High School

Which high school backpack to choose?

In France, 12.9 million students pass through the gates of a high school every morning (source: INSEE). Thirsty for knowledge, they carry a plethora of accessories. Books, notebooks, laptops, etc. You can’t imagine how much a high school student can carry.

With their long days, high school students need a backpack that can keep up with their adventures. The number of pockets, fabrics and the presence of a laptop slot are just some of the parameters to consider. Yes, choosing a backpack for high school is not an easy task.

Why is it important to choose the right backpack?

According to articles on the internet, the average school bag weighs 8.5 kg. As a comparison, the FCPE recommends not exceeding 10% of a child’s body weight.

For learners, all this weight is not without consequences. Indeed, it has been scientifically demonstrated that a schoolbag that is too heavy can cause back problems. It is necessary to distribute this weight as well as possible in order to preserve the bones of the students.

Note that although it is tempting to opt for rolling models, it is anything but a good idea. Naturally, everyone is inclined to use one hand over the other. By using the same hand to pull the bag, the high school student can easily develop a twist.

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What precautions should be taken for a suitable high school bag?

As high school students become more assertive, they may develop poor postural habits. For example, they may choose bags that are too large for a “loose” look or shoulder straps for a casual look.

Be careful…

According to the Huffington Post the ideal backpack should respect certain criteria. These can be summarized as follows:

  • be at chest height and end five centimeters above the waist. If it is too big, the student will tend to bend forward to compensate for the mass. This can lead to shoulder pain and ligament damage;
  • be carried on both shoulders at the risk of causing an imbalance in the distribution of the mass;
  • not exceed 10-15% of the student’s mass.

Unlike school children, high school students generally have smaller bags. That’s why it’s not uncommon for girls to prefer to go to class with handbags. But is this really a good idea?

Is it possible to go to school with a handbag?

Legally, nothing prohibits a high school girl from going to class with a handbag. Be careful though… The beloved tote bag is a real threat to her health. With all the items in one large compartment, this ladies’ bag can overwork certain chest and back muscles.

That’s right… Despite the passage of time, no bag offers the degree of comfort and ergonomics of a classic backpack.

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What criteria should you use to choose a high school backpack?

Faced with the crowded shelves of stores, which backpack should you choose for your high school? Only a bag that meets the following criteria should be put in your shopping cart.

1. The number of pockets

Don’t let anyone mislead you: the number of pockets counts. Why does it matter? Because the weight distribution is better when there are several pockets. Instead of having all of your belongings concentrated in one area, having them spread out will lighten the burden on the high schooler.

Ideally, choose a high school backpack that has at least:

  • an interior pocket in the center compartment;
  • one front pocket (or two);
  • two side pockets (optional).

Not only will these pockets help the teenager better organize his or her belongings, but they will also help prevent medical concerns. Whether he’s going to class with his laptop or stopping by the gym on his way home, he’ll have plenty of room to maneuver.

Note that in areas where the wind blows frequently, opting for a backpack with a net can be a very good idea. This way, the teenager can slip in a sweater or windbreaker before going to class.

2. The material of the backpack

To keep the backpack practical and light, the fabric of the backpack must be carefully chosen.

On the inside, a cotton or faux leather lining will visually define the space while providing a sense of style. Outside, the choice is a little more complex… In 100% optimal conditions, the fabric will be waterproof and very light. This is why textiles such as canvas are to be preferred. Although it lets water through, jeans are a material that is favored by young teenagers.

Even if its contemporary look is appealing, jacquard is not really suitable for a high school backpack. It frays very easily and will soon expose your teen’s belongings.

3. Shoulder straps

It’s not uncommon for a high school student to use the same bag for several years in a row. In the meantime, he or she will have gained a few centimeters, or even a good ten. A good backpack should have padded and adjustable shoulder straps to adapt to his evolution.

Thanks to the presence of foam, the straps will protect the collarbones from the gross mass of the bag. A few centimeters thick, this material makes all the difference in terms of comfort.

As for the modularity of the straps, it is an element that allows you to adjust the position of the bag. Don’t forget… A backpack that is too low will tend to push the student into a turtle position. Knees, ligaments and shoulders will pay a heavy price.

4. Backpack design

Think back to your high school days… Your backpack was more than a storage tool, it was a space for expression. Through pins or graffiti, you used it to assert your identity to your peers. Even though the mullet cuts are gone, the creative aspect of the backpack hasn’t really changed.

There’s only one criterion to consider here: your teen’s taste. If your teenager is next to you when you buy, it will be extremely easy. If he is not there, you will have to keep in mind his interests.

Patterns, colors, designs, … Everything is done so that every student has at least one bag that looks like him. It’s up to you to find it.

5. The price

A good backpack for high school students is one that fits in your budget. Before you even go to the store, set a bag budget and stick to it. Remember that a backpack is just another academic purchase. Books, notebooks, extracurricular activities, etc. the list never seems to end.

3 perfect backpacks for high schoolers

Still no idea despite these guidelines? For parents in a hurry or high schoolers looking to simplify, the editors have selected seven bags that are perfect in every way. They are :

By choosing one of these backpacks, you are sure not to go wrong. Ergonomic and trendy, these five backpacks will be a great ally for high school students.

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Which backpack for high school?

Do you know how to choose a backpack for high school? Don’t hesitate to share your tips and tricks in the comments!

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